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  1. Hi everyone! I have been using the launchpad to read the CC1101 register from a door opener that are using this transceiver, but when i put the read registers in my smartRF04EB with RFStudio i cant read anything... can somebody help me?
  2. The AIR430Boost library is designed for a boosterpack (cc101L and msp430g2553), but when i try to compile in msp430g2452 it produce several erros... how can i configure this library to use with 2452?
  3. Hi guys! I'm trying to use energia for a simple TX/RX with cc1101 and launchpad + msp430g2452, but i don't know how to use spi to comunicate cc1101 with msp430 in energia interface... can sombody help me? I'am using: Energia 0101E0011 windows 7 (64 bits)
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