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  1. I found a new FTDI driver available from energia that is signed properly. This will allow OS X to load the ftdi for cc3200 correctly. http://t.co/tEnIKYmrCB
  2. Hi I am running in to the same problem on mac. I have followed all the steps mentioned here. I got the board 2 days back. It says Rev 4.1 on the board. I have installed the FTDI drivers from energia provided link. Restarted the machine. Made sure the jumpers are right. But still the same issue of Serial Ports being greyed out. If i unplug my cc3200 and connect my Tiva launchpad, energia has no issues in recognizing Tiva launchpad. Only cc3200 seems to have issue. i am running energia version 0101E0013 on mac OS X Yosemite 10.10. Any ideas?
  3. Thanks Igor. I have done QEI decoding with software using 2 pins and interrupts. I really wanted to try out the hardware encoder. May its an opportunity to understand how its implemented with Tiva and see if it can be replicated in CC3200.
  4. The Tiva Launchpads have a hardware Quadratic Encoder Interface peripheral. The documents on CC3200 doesn't seem to depict it. I had the wrong impression that CC3200 has the same kind of peripherals as Tiva in addition to the WiFI feature set. Can any one confirm if indeed hardware QEI peripheral is not available in CC3200?
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