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  1. Thanks for responding. Here are the answers to your questions: Is Energia installed on the /Applications folder?Yes Has Energia been launched once and the sketchbook folder declared?Yes Does the example sketch compile successfully?Yes, in Energia, not in Xcode, per the errors in platform.cpp. Does the main sketch on your project include the #include "SPI.h" statement?No, it's not in the code that was created by embedXcode for the new project. I could add it, but I don't see it on my system. Does the main makefile on your project include the APP_LIBS_LIST = SPI or APP_LIBS_LIST = statemen
  2. Hi, when I create and build a new "embedXcode Sketch" project, I get "'SPI' was not declared in this space" in platform.cpp:79, among other errors. I have OSX10.9, Xcode5, Energia0101E0011, and LaunchPad-MSP-EXP430F5529LP, so the latest of everything. I'm able to build and run a sketch successfully from Energia. FWIW, my objective, after getting anything working, is to be able to run C code on my Launch Pad, and was hoping embedXcode could help get me there, as I'm having some trouble finding a C->LaunchPad toolchain on OSX.
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