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  1. Certain MSP430 products have a built in USB peripheral such as the F5529 mentioned above. The USBSerial library exists to allow you to use this USB port as a serial port back to the host PC where the USB device should be detected as a USB-Serial adapter. Its rather similar to the leonardo which also has a USB port setup as a serial port. Its essentially an alternative to the older system of having another chip on the board performing USB-Serial functionality, such as an FTDI on older arduinos.
  2. The IRRemote library uses Timer1. The 2231 and 2452 devices do not have a Timer1.
  3. Well, see how many EEPROMs you can run from 1 AtMega, Then chain the AtMegas all together with all the EEPROMs with 1 AtMega acting as a master. Worlds most overcomplicated 4-5mb EEPROM.
  4. seems bitlash works on the stellaris as is
  5. Make a roundworm brain http://hackaday.com/2014/12/15/gift-your-next-robot-with-the-brain-of-a-roundworm/
  6. according to the user guide there is a jumper to select between using the hardware IR pin offered on certain msp430 devices vs pin 19 on the boosterpack header
  7. the arduino library is absolutely fine as is. I would attribute it to an error in your code or wiring not the library.
  8. you do need ir.resume() else it won't pick up the new command. You can easily hop back and forth between 2 energia sketches too while you isolate issues. I'd actually take a slightly altered approach from your code. Have a variable to store the current mode, in loop() a switch statement executes the right action for each mode (with a stop mode being included). Then when IR data is available, set the mode variable accordingly, if you are in a mode already, switch to the stop mode else go to whichever one the IR command dictates.
  9. PIC32 only though, all the PIC32 parts are actually MIPS cores.
  10. Energia does not actually use the com port for programming, it makes no impact on programming.
  11. Fully charged they are usually higher than the 1.2v nominal. Measured one at 1.45 from charger.
  12. Those are Cortex R. M7 was only recently unveiled by ARM, nobody has M7 chips out yet.
  13. New Tiva C relatives running Cortex M7. Accompanying launchpad running silly high clock rates for no particular reason.
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