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  1. Using Tiva C Series TM4C123GH with Energia 1.6.10E18, Win7 platform. TivaC is connected by USB, of course . I really need to be able to set Serial2.begin(38400) to implement Even Parity [8E1, instead of 8N1] because of the fixed hardware that is being connected. There is a patch posted already for the MSP430G2553; I'm pretty sure the register arrangement for the Tiva C is vastly different. There's a register in the TM4C123GH at 0x4000:E02C (E000 offset 0x2C) which contains the command word for that UART (parity select, number of bits, enable FIFO, ESP, PENable) that needs to be modif
  2. A patch for the Tiva C would sure be appreciated!
  3. Hi, all. Looking for ways to use the Tiva C and MSP430 in my work and home projects. Best wishes, everyone! ?, please include me in the giveaways! ~joel
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