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  1. Try installing this v6.7.1 driver for the USB to serial IC (TUSB3410) : http://e2e.ti.com/cfs-file.ashx/__key/communityserver-discussions-components-files/130/5504.TI_5F00_WDF_5F00_USBUART_5F00_SINGLE_5F00_DRIVER_5F00_V6.7.1_5F00_Win8_5F00_Installer_5F00_WHQL.zip I find if I toggle between 115200 and 9600 bps, maybe requiring a board reset or two, it does work. It's been the most reliable driver version I've seen for Windows 8/8.1
  2. I think I spoke too soon. The serial interface does work a lot more often now but still has occasions where the interface is dead. I find if I toggle between 115200 and 9600 bps, maybe requiring a board reset or two, it does work.
  3. Well, it looks like the USB to serial port controller chip (TUSB3410) needs an updated driver. I installed this v6.7.1 driver: http://e2e.ti.com/cfs-file.ashx/__key/communityserver-discussions-components-files/130/5504.TI_5F00_WDF_5F00_USBUART_5F00_SINGLE_5F00_DRIVER_5F00_V6.7.1_5F00_Win8_5F00_Installer_5F00_WHQL.zip My serial port traffic problems have been fixed. I'm not sure why TI isn't jumping on this as Windows 8 has an install base at 10% now. Note: I did find the most recent v6.7.2.0 driver to be less reliable.
  4. Was there ever a solution to this problem? I see the same thing on my system and I can't get very far apart from it working 1/100 times I connect the USB port.
  5. Antanas, I see the exact same problem you do on a Windows 8 64 bit machine, even with a USB2.0 port. It is extremely frustrating and after 20 hours of debugging I was able to sometimes get serial port transfers with repeated USB re-connections. This is very flaky and I'm surprised after lots of searching I haven't seen anything official from TI on this issue?
  6. I'm using Windows 8 pro 64 bit with the MSP430FR5739 LaunchPad and cannot see serial traffic on a terminal. About 1/100 times when I connect to USB I *will* see serial traffic, but that's about it. My MSP430 Application UART driver is version, I have tried COM ports 1 to 13 with no noticeable improvements. The LauchPad drivers .zip file has DPInst, USB_CDC, USB_eZ-RF, and USB_FET_Win7_64 directories. I can't seem to just run the DPInst64.exe file in its directory, but if I copy DPInst64.exe to each of the aforementioned directories I will get these different drivers in each directo
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