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  1. well thank you ... i changed the port pin and it works just fine
  2. yes it does support fr5739..even it is listed in energia tools->boards->fraunchpad fr5739
  3. I appreciate your answer.. But in fr5739 A0 is P1_5, so i dont think that will be a problem.. do you any other answers
  4. hi guys, I tried to program msp430fr5739 ,but serial monitor shows nothing when digitalWrite is included in program When digitalWrite is removed rest of the program works correctly... can anyone help me with this...........I have attached my program below void setup() { pinMode(P2_0, OUTPUT); Serial.begin(9600); analogReference(DEFAULT); } void loop() { int sensor=analogRead(A0); float tempvoltage = sensor*(3.6/1023.0); float temperature = sensor*(100.0/1023.0);//min.value=0 max.value=100 if (sensor >= 987) { temphigh(); delay(100); } else {
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