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  1. I could just drive the leds without transistors (I've done it) but I thought that I should challenge myself to do it with transistors so that way I know that I'm able to do it and it'll make it easier troubleshooting larger projects that I'm controlling with transistors as I know (more) what I'm doing
  2. Awesome! That did the trick ! Thanks for your help guys, made my day, been struggling with it for a couple days on and off! It was a combination of both tips. I had to decrease the resistor value and have a common GND link. Next step: Knight Rider display! Londonlad
  3. What do I need to GND? Do I need to connect GND from the MC to GND from LED (ie common ground)? LED is connected to GND
  4. I've just started playing around with my msp430 ez-2013 that my uncle gave me a while back (I've been too busy with school and whatnot until now ) and am trying to use the ez-2013 to control a transistor that will flash an externally powered LED. So far I've had no luck with it. I'm using a 2n222 transistor with a 10k ohm resistor from P1.0 on the ez-2013 to the base and a 10k ohm resistor on the emitter, with the anode of the LED attatched to the collector and the cathode attached to +6V. The resistor on the emitter is attached to ground. The led is powered seperately from the microcontrol
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