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  1. @@Rickta59, Is there a real opportunity to make upload a Arduino-style? That is, when you press the reset - start the gdb stub server; if within two seconds not starts sending data - gdb stub server is completed and passes control to the blink. Is that possible? Or by watchdog: after start unless a specific memory register is a special label - executed blink; if a specific memory register no special labels - loaded gdb stub server, to any specific memory register writes a special label, watchdog is set to 2 seconds, if you start downloading - register is cleared, watchdog reset and de
  2. How to build client code firmware by Energia and flash via GDB? I think it should be something like this (in boards.txt): ocmsp430g2553.name=OnlyChip w/ msp430g2553 (16MHz) ocmsp430g2553.upload.protocol=gdb072 ocmsp430g2553.upload.speed=9600 ocmsp430g2553.upload.maximum_size=14848 ocmsp430g2553.build.mcu=msp430g2553 ocmsp430g2553.build.f_cpu=16000000L ocmsp430g2553.build.core=msp430 ocmsp430g2553.build.variant=onlychip ocmsp430g2553.upload.maximum_ram_size=512 How to make Energia perform new directive [onlychip, gdb072, 9600]: .\hardware\tools\msp430\bin\msp430-gdb.exe -b $speed -ex 'targe
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