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  1. @@Rickta59, Is there a real opportunity to make upload a Arduino-style? That is, when you press the reset - start the gdb stub server; if within two seconds not starts sending data - gdb stub server is completed and passes control to the blink. Is that possible? Or by watchdog: after start unless a specific memory register is a special label - executed blink; if a specific memory register no special labels - loaded gdb stub server, to any specific memory register writes a special label, watchdog is set to 2 seconds, if you start downloading - register is cleared, watchdog reset and deactivated; finishes downloading is restarting controller. Possible this in MSP430? * Most open scheme with converters USB2TTL, and emulations USB2TTL use only DTR (one pin), and can not use other additional lines (for the second button).
  2. How to build client code firmware by Energia and flash via GDB? I think it should be something like this (in boards.txt): ocmsp430g2553.name=OnlyChip w/ msp430g2553 (16MHz) ocmsp430g2553.upload.protocol=gdb072 ocmsp430g2553.upload.speed=9600 ocmsp430g2553.upload.maximum_size=14848 ocmsp430g2553.build.mcu=msp430g2553 ocmsp430g2553.build.f_cpu=16000000L ocmsp430g2553.build.core=msp430 ocmsp430g2553.build.variant=onlychip ocmsp430g2553.upload.maximum_ram_size=512 How to make Energia perform new directive [onlychip, gdb072, 9600]: .\hardware\tools\msp430\bin\msp430-gdb.exe -b $speed -ex 'target remote $dev' '$1' (approximately, for Windows) $speed = ocmsp430g2553.upload.speed $dev = Current Serial Device $1 = Current Energia Compiled Sketch [.........\Temp\buildNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.tmp\sketch_XXXXX.cpp.elf] (or need .cpp.hex?)
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