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  1. That's not an unusual length of time for CCS to compile, upload and run any program in the debugger.
  2. NurseBob

    MSP430G2553 Workshop

    Unrelated to your post, but to your location - I had the good luck to spend a couple of days in Sydney last August. (I was going to say "summer" then remembered that the seasons are subject to equatorial influence.) Also located somewhere near you, and another good reference if you're just getting into electronics, etc., is Dave Jones' video blog. Entertaining and educational.
  3. NurseBob

    MSP430G2553 Workshop

    re: battery life and power consumption - if you're not already subscribing, you can find some very, very useful information in Jack Gansssle's news letter. This reference on low power design and why performance may fall short is informative. Your comments regarding DMM and changes to readings: Yes, you may want to invest in a meter that is more reliable at the uA level. And, sounds like there might be a capacitative aspect or inductive aspect to your measurements??? Also worth exploring, how you are taking your readings. Definitely above my pay grade...
  4. I agree with @terjeio it looks like it's a debounce issue. I assume by "not working" you mean that the LED state toggles inconsistently? I ran the code and it "works" in that it turns the LED on or off, but it's inconsistent. Time to do a little reading on how to debounce switches. It can be in software, hardware or a combination of the two. One "sort of classic" is to respond to the changed button state, and then in a few milliseconds check the button state again to see if it's still down, then switch the LED.
  5. NurseBob

    SoftwareSerial Communication Issues

    Also, where is sendrequest() ever callled? Who's sending, who's responding? Unclear from your code snippet(s) if anyone is sending, if one is sending, etc. Are both running the same code?
  6. NurseBob

    SoftwareSerial Communication Issues

    > I hope the connection is all right. You might want to think about if you want TX->TX, or TX->RX?
  7. Have you tried the reset button after upload? Or disconnecting and reconnecting? If so, does the blink program begin on one of those events? Are you running identical code in both cases? Is the CCS version an import of the Energia project, or are you running the TI CCS blink code and something else in Energia? Post some code...
  8. NurseBob

    code stuck at the end of setup

    I'm not quie clear on your question, and at the risk that it's obvious... for(;;) = loop forever If your Engergia code has an empty loop(), and never does anything to generate a serial event, then it's going to be "stuck" in a loop that repeatedly checks for a serial event. So, what's in your loop() code? What do you expect to see?
  9. NurseBob

    What is your Backup Process?

    Zeke, Thanks for your thoughts; I appreciate your making the effort. It sounds like I should be taking a look at it too.
  10. NurseBob

    MSP432 - Memory map prevented reading 0x1FFFFFxx

    Truly above my paygrade. But, I am aware that it's possible to manage memory allocation and where blocks of data get stored. I found this on e2e, different device, but may provide some insights on memory segments and management.
  11. NurseBob

    MSP430G2553 Workshop

    Mark, Are you trying to read your current consumption while connected via the USB? If so, you will not see an accurate reading. To get accurate readings of current draw, you will probably want to power via an external source, and read across your input. In the pre-launchpad days the experimenter boards had a power jumper that allowed an easy means of measuring current (and you still had to disconnect the JTAG and reset). I think you can still accomplish the same by removing the Vcc jumper and measuring across the supply, but make sure you're not connected to the debugger, as it will skew your readings. The value you're seeing is reminiscent of the debug interface being connected and running.
  12. NurseBob


    Mark, Happy to help...
  13. NurseBob

    MSP432 - Memory map prevented reading 0x1FFFFFxx

    Sounds like time to read the manual. Look at the memory map of the device and I think you'll have some insights into why you're running into problems. This is not an area where I have any other useful experience. Of course, there's also e2e as a resource.
  14. NurseBob


    I've had intermittent problems with various versions of CCS and Energia in the past. After seeing your post I updated my CCS to with no issues. However, based on your reported error message, it's worth taking a moment to go to Window->Preferences->Code Composer Studio->Products to see if Energia is still installed.
  15. NurseBob

    Checksum error in DHT11 interface with MSP430G2553

    It would seem that the code in dht.cpp: int dht::read11(uint8_t pin) { // READ VALUES int rv = _readSensor(pin, DHTLIB_DHT11_WAKEUP); if (rv != DHTLIB_OK) { humidity = DHTLIB_INVALID_VALUE; temperature = DHTLIB_INVALID_VALUE; return rv; } // CONVERT AND STORE humidity = bits[0]; // bits[1] == 0; temperature = bits[2]; // bits[3] == 0; // TEST CHECKSUM // bits[1] && bits[3] both 0 uint8_t sum = bits[0] + bits[2]; if (bits[4] != sum) { return DHTLIB_ERROR_CHECKSUM; } return DHTLIB_OK; } Is unhappy with the checksum - OK, Obvious. so why??? Take a look at the sample code for the DHT11 found in this pdf, perhaps it will help you figure out why your readings are failing the check sum. It looks like their sample code for checking the bits of the return values are what's being done in the cpp code. If you are using Energia exclusively, you'll be challenged to debug your code at this level; you need something like CCS to see what's happening at the lower level of the code.