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  1. >Appreciate if you can further assist me Unfortunately, my current system configuration doesn't support Energia builds at the moment. So, hopefully someone else will be able to help.
  2. Take a look at this link regarding include statements in C++, it may provide some insight?
  3. Did you edit the LoRa.h file from #include <Arduino.h> to #include <Energia.h>? Might help?
  4. NurseBob

    Can not get LED to fade from Energia example

    Good to hear you found a solution.
  5. NurseBob

    Use Push notification board with MSP430

    So... you want an msp430 to notify the pc host about sensor status? Then the pc host sends a notification to a smartphone AND opens or closes a relay???
  6. NurseBob

    Can not get LED to fade from Energia example

    > What am I doing wrong? @Jacamo, really hard to say. However, looking at the code (it always help to actually post what you wrote - saves time for looking things up...), you might want to explore increasing the delay interval so the steps, if occuring, are easier to see. FWIW, looking at the schematic in the page you referenced, the resistor is 220 Ohm, not 10K. Also, another FWIW, P1.6 (pin 14) is factory connected to the green LED2 on the board. You needn't actually add an external LED. I had a spare LP with a G2553 (same pinout for the first 14 as your G2231, so same code works) available, pasted the code, added the jumper for LED 2 and ran the code; all works as promised. Do you have the jumper on the LED2? If so, that might interfere...
  7. NurseBob

    pH Sensor with MSP430g2553

    Post a schematic; there are too many ways to misinterpret your question's description without one.
  8. NurseBob

    MSP430 GPS

    I have had no problems with TinyGPS on a MSP430F5529. Given that the communication is Serial, have you correctly configured your '2553 for Serial? Your statement "doesn't seem to work" is so broad that there's virtually no way to offer any specific or more useful suggestions.
  9. That's not an unusual length of time for CCS to compile, upload and run any program in the debugger.
  10. NurseBob

    MSP430G2553 Workshop

    Unrelated to your post, but to your location - I had the good luck to spend a couple of days in Sydney last August. (I was going to say "summer" then remembered that the seasons are subject to equatorial influence.) Also located somewhere near you, and another good reference if you're just getting into electronics, etc., is Dave Jones' video blog. Entertaining and educational.
  11. NurseBob

    MSP430G2553 Workshop

    re: battery life and power consumption - if you're not already subscribing, you can find some very, very useful information in Jack Gansssle's news letter. This reference on low power design and why performance may fall short is informative. Your comments regarding DMM and changes to readings: Yes, you may want to invest in a meter that is more reliable at the uA level. And, sounds like there might be a capacitative aspect or inductive aspect to your measurements??? Also worth exploring, how you are taking your readings. Definitely above my pay grade...
  12. I agree with @terjeio it looks like it's a debounce issue. I assume by "not working" you mean that the LED state toggles inconsistently? I ran the code and it "works" in that it turns the LED on or off, but it's inconsistent. Time to do a little reading on how to debounce switches. It can be in software, hardware or a combination of the two. One "sort of classic" is to respond to the changed button state, and then in a few milliseconds check the button state again to see if it's still down, then switch the LED.
  13. NurseBob

    SoftwareSerial Communication Issues

    Also, where is sendrequest() ever callled? Who's sending, who's responding? Unclear from your code snippet(s) if anyone is sending, if one is sending, etc. Are both running the same code?
  14. NurseBob

    SoftwareSerial Communication Issues

    > I hope the connection is all right. You might want to think about if you want TX->TX, or TX->RX?
  15. Have you tried the reset button after upload? Or disconnecting and reconnecting? If so, does the blink program begin on one of those events? Are you running identical code in both cases? Is the CCS version an import of the Energia project, or are you running the TI CCS blink code and something else in Energia? Post some code...