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  1. hello friends, I am developing a project to school, and I need control a sensor with use a timer, but studying some code, i find a piece of code really similar what i need to do. the problem is inside of interrupt it's is switch code where he call a function "__even_in_range()", this sintaxe only is knowned on the MSP430 plantaform. In MSP432, no is present. So there anyone can help me change the follwing code used in MSP430 to MSP432? Thanks in advance. #pragma vector = TIMER0_A0_VECTOR __interrupt void Timer0_A0_ISR (void) { switch(__even_in_range(TA0IV, TA0IV_TAIFG)) { c
  2. thank you Terjeio, you saved my life, I've been trying to implement this for a long time. My idea is to implement only a larger font to be able to display numbers, for the operate a clock, can you help me to simplify, I think my problem is only in loading the fonts, your code .does a lot, I need something minimalist to show a clock, let me share my code code_b.zip
  3. Hello fellows, I need some help, i have get a code http://store.43oh.com/download/uploads/TheTerminal-OLEDDisplay/code/GWDeveloper-OLED_MSP430_USCI.zip. Now I have made some changes and I get the code working correctly, This display shows 4 lines of 8 pixels each, the code is implemented to work with a 6x8 font that is displayed correctly. I need to run a larger font, can anyone help me to rewrite the source code correctly that allows me to view a larger font correctly.
  4. Hello, Can anyone share with me the access to the code that allows loading large fonts. this is the link I'm following the code http://doc.43oh.com/BoosterPack:OLED#Connecting_the_OLED_Terminal_BoosterPack
  5. Hi, sorry for the late answer, I'm using msp432P401R I am using code composer studio CCS at the moment I was able to transmit data from msp432 to bluetooth yes I will attach the code that can be tested with the application for smartphone BT Simple Terminal for android there are two issues or problems I have that I can not solve: Using an HC-05 chip or the microchip RN-41 how can I detect through code if the smartphone is paired with one of these devices.(the idea is if you are paired to start sending data to the mobile phone, if you are not waiting fo
  6. Hello , I'am trying develop a data logger to send data to a device through bluetooth, but in my state machine i want make a state were I can verify if the bluetooth is paired with smartphone, does anyone can help me , i don't have idea how can I do this.
  7. I have Install Arduino Software and right click to Show Package Contents. Find and copy Contents>Java>arduino-builder and i install to the ftdi drivers.
  8. My problem is solved , My MSP430G2553 run now on mac
  9. Hello my friends, I have a macbookPro with macOS highSierra and I installed the latest version of IDE energy. After that I tried to compile the basic blink example. Following error was returned: ino2cpp: error: sketch directory '{build.project_path}' doesn't exist or isn't a directory. exit status 1 Error compiling for board RED LaunchPad w/ msp432 EMT (48MHz). Can someone help me? I would like to have energia functional.
  10. Thanks for answering Rei Vilo I have two boards, at the moment I am trying to run the msp430g2553, everything is well configured. I can not find any drivers
  11. Hello friends, I have a problem with installing sdk Energia on mac. After doing the installation I tried to run an example and gave me the following error... When I try to select a usb port, it does not show any available
  12. thanks in advance
  13. solved
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