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  1. HI! The problem was that Motorolla and TI definition of UCCKPH are different. The correct definition in the programm above should be: UCB0CTL0 = UCMST+UCMSB+UCSYNC+UCCKPL; // 3-pin, 8-bit SPI master; mode 3 spi
  2. I have connected logic analyzer to the board....and seen interesting thing: larger size: http://i.imgur.com/h9vIxmK.jpg So flash DID the fings correct but my RX-buffer got wrong info. So what have i done wrong?
  3. Hi guys! I am trying to interface with SPI flash,I am trying to write byte to buffer 1 and after read it, The byte i have send and recived are not the same. Cant figure out my fault. /* * main.c */ #include "msp430.h" #include "stdint.h" #define SPIRXBUF UCB0RXBUF #define SPI_SEND(x) UCB0TXBUF=x #define SPITXREADY (IFG2&UCB0TXIFG) /* Wait for TX to be ready */ #define SPITXDONE (UCB0STAT&UCBUSY) /* Wait for TX to finish */ #define SPIRXREADY (IFG2&UCB0RXIFG) /* Wait for TX to be ready */ #define SPIRXFG_CLR IFG2 &= ~UCB0RXIFG #define dummy 0xff #define
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