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  1. Got my blackberry q5 to work as a wifi hotspot for CC3000. This opens new interesting possibilities for mobile sensor network. Sent from my Sony Tablet Z
  2. Had a look to the imp website. Nice hardware but you need their infrastructure for the device to work, which rises some questions about the possibility to develop an mqtt client which connects to my mqtt server. I have to investigate about this. Sent from my Sony Tablet Z
  3. Thank you for your advice. My interest is to learn about protocols now. If some day i'll go commercial i will select a better rf solution. 6LowPAN maybe or cc11x with only one wifi device on a box acting as gateway. Sent from my Sony Tablet Z
  4. Maybe a bug in the latest version 1.11 it worked for me in the past but i am not able to associate it anymore after patching ti 1.11. Works if you call api wlan_connect inside your code with the correct parameters. Also not all AP seem to work, i was not able to associate wuth Netgear dgn2000 but works fine with dlink. In my opinion smartconfig causes more problems than the ones it trues to resolve. Sent from my Sony Tablet Z
  5. Of course. I have seen some stripped down versions of mqtt that could fit at least in a 955. I don' t need all the staff for very simple nodes. I am very inspired. For now i have had a first working attempt of mqtt server in d which interfaces with websockets and it seems to work on all modern browsers, even on mobile. Today i started to approach the cc3000 booster pack. Seems a very buggy pi
  6. I am tryng to adapt an mqtt broker using vibe.d to run on Windows/Linux/BSD. If i succed next step is to interface my tiva c launchpad trough cc3000 wireless boosterpack and trying to do the same with msp430 Launchpad. Maybe for the latter the 553 has not enough memory, but the cc3000 is not resorce hungry i wil give a try Finally the idea is to port everything on 6LowPAN chips from ti. Sent from my Sony Tablet Z
  7. I remember Olimex should have something Sent from my Sony Tablet Z
  8. My name is Damiano, I'm interested in experimenting with wireless. I have MSP430 launchpad, TM4C123GXL launchpad and CC3000. Made some simple remote controls over IP. I am also interested in the new 6LowPAN low power ipv6 standard and plan to do something involving domotics. Sent from my Sony Tablet Z
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