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  1. Check your USB ports. If it is USB3 then you could have a problem with non-compatible libusb drivers. http://www.emblocks.org/web/faqs?catid=2&tmpl=component&faqid=20 If you are using the UIF then I believe it could also be a firmware problem but I don't remember the exact details. Perhaps: http://develissimo.com/forum/topic/108776/ http://mspdebug.sourceforge.net/tilib.html Once I had to downgrade the UIF in order to get it working with mspdebug. But, to be honest, I'm not a mspdebug expert and only provides the binary without knowing the ins and outs of the tool.
  2. Hi, You could try to start with the GDB server, if this one is working all the other pieces will start to work. You can find the mspdebug GDB server at {$EMBLOCKS}\share\contrib\mspdebug. Select the right driver and com port and see if it connects. Mspdebug manual : http://mspdebug.sourceforge.net/manual.html I'm not sure but I think that mspdebug will also have problems with certain USB3 ports because it is using libusb. See also: http://www.emblocks.org/web/faqs?catid=2&tmpl=component&faqid=20
  3. EmBlocks version 1.40 is released, It has: - msp430-gdb 7.6 - supports mspdebug with GUI settings dialogs - new project wizard for MSP430 - Syntax highlight for (dis)assembly For pictures see here: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/4711-free-emblocks-140-with-msp430-and-mspdebug-support/
  4. This version has a GDB 7.6.1 for MSP430. There is a debugger GUI script file for "mspdebug" (see picture below) Debugger in action: Download at http://www.emblocks.org
  5. The latest version is from 2012-08, it's still alive and kicking. It even supports JAVA http://cscope.sourceforge.net/ I'm not fond of those java ide's. Too slow and a lot of tweaking. EmBlocks which is native is much faster and is portable (just copy the application directory). With Java I'm always struggling with versions, Netbeans needs x, ccs needs y , MplabX needs x2 etc etc.
  6. Yes, I looked at mspdebug but this has a lot of command line interactions, GDBproxy++ is very easy to implement for IDE embedding. But perhaps I need to re-evaluate the GDBproxy choice. For now it's only win32 because this is the biggest group, most linux users are proud and fond of working from the command line (Makefile) so you would do a lot of work for a rather small group. I hope/think that this will shift in future. Thanks.
  7. Ok, that sounds easier than it is. I can't build GDBserverfoundation and GDBproxy because of all kind of bzslib problems. I use 2.5.4 (the newest I can find) but this is not building. Are there people who actually succeed in (re)building this GDBproxy++ project???
  8. I will answer my own question. I found the MSP430 dll development download and there was a full description with examples. So, yes, I have to implement that reset command in GDBproxy++ as an additional monitor command (GDB server rCmnd).
  9. I will answer my own question. I found the MSP430 dll development download and there was a full description with examples. So, yes, I have to implement that reset command in GDBproxy++ as an additional monitor command (GDB server rCmnd). Edit: You can find the IDE at: http://www.emblocks.org
  10. Hi, I almost finished with the implementation of MSP430 support in EmBlocks. EmBlocks is a free multi embedded platform. The next EmBlocks release, 1.32 will have a GDB 7.6 for MSP in the installation package. If everything is ready it should work out of the box with mspgcc. Right now everything is ready and the debugger works and the gdbproxy is launched automatically. The assembler/disassembly is syntax highlighted. The only thing I have to solve is how to reset the device with gdbproxy. Right now I write $pc to the start ( 0x8000) but this is not how it should. Thanks EmBlocks: http://www.emblocks.org
  11. Hi, I'm busy with the integration/support of MSP430 in the free EmBlocks IDE. I have already created a new project wizard and made a toolchain driver for the mspgcc. The GDB 7.6, which is used by EmBlocks, is made uptodate for the MSP430. As GDB server I'm using the GDBproxy++ which is automatically launched by EmBlocks. So far so good, almost there to publish. Only.... How do I reset the MSP430 with GDBproxy ????? Now I just rewrite the $pc to the start but this doesn't reset the system (peripherals). I saw that the MSP430 dll has reset api's do I have to implement these into GDBproxy as additional monitor command (rCmnd)? Thanks. EmBlocks IDE
  12. I'm busy with MSP430 integration into EmBlocks IDE. I'm looking for some answers which brings me here.
  13. Hi, The new (free) EmBlocks versions are now supporting memory access on running target. With this option it is possible to hover over your global variables and see the values changing while the program is executing. Live watches and memory is also supported. This IDE is coming with GCC and STLink GDB server so this could be interesting. http://www.emblocks.org Give it a try.
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