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  1. Troll_Dragon

    A couple of Development Boards for sale.

    Thanks for the replies spirilis and johnnyb.
  2. Troll_Dragon

    A couple of Development Boards for sale.

    Thanks bluehash. The Renesas stuff isn't really popular with the hobbyist community, and Renesas or ST Micro for that matter does not make it easy like TI does to get involved in their product lines. They want engineers not joe tinkerer. :thumbup:
  3. Troll_Dragon

    A couple of Development Boards for sale.

    No interest, because I am new and have a 0 rep... I have been a member here since 2011, a reader of the forums, not much of a poster as I have very little knowledge in embedded processors & C programming. Now if you want to talk audio & headphones then that's another story. I would really like to see these boards go to a new home and be enjoyed. So I am going to drop the price, a mere $100 will take both items and I'll pay for postal shipping in Canada or the Continental USA. This is a really Great Deal! If you want picture or a skype call to know this is a legit sale and these are working boards just let me know. Thanks!
  4. Troll_Dragon

    A couple of Development Boards for sale.

    Thanks bluehash I will.
  5. Greetings All! I have a few development boards that I never really got around to using or implementing in any projects. I am looking to raise a little cash for a nice little portable audio amplifier and have decided to try and sell these boards. TI Stellaris EvalBot 1 EKB-UCOS3-EVM (Assembled & Complete PDF Book free from Micrium) $50 & $10 Shipping to US / Canada 2 Renesas RX62N (YRDKRX62N) with Redpine Signals Wi-Fi board. $75 & $10 Shipping to US / Canada Pictures can be taken of items. Reasonable offers accepted. Thanks!
  6. Troll_Dragon

    Nokia LCD Library

    Greetings All! I was just wondering if there was a nokia LCD library available to drive a 5165 screen? Or is library a bad term. (Just moving over from the arduino... :oops: ) Thanks!
  7. Troll_Dragon

    Greetings& Salutations!

    Greetings all from Nova Scotia Canada! I am brand new into the ti line of mcu's. I have a launchpad, an EZ-430 Chronos (915) and that wonderful $25 Evalbot! :thumbup: I have done some Arduino stuff in the past and am doing a bit of reading, "MSP430 Microcontroller Basics" By John Davies. I don't know if that's a good book to start with as it was loaned to me. Compared to the Arduino, It's a whole different world... Electronics technician from way back (mostly audio) and am looking forward to checking out all the projects, and gathering any tips / advice you folks have to offer!