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  1. Why TI no longer offer free shipping? Is there any coupon to claim free shipping? why... TI.... Why...
  2. Good Day everyone, When I go to TI estore to purchase items, I realise that TI started charging for shipping and handling. Feeling curious when TI start charging for shipping. Does this happen to you guys too? Regards,
  3. Good Day!! Is there any Modbus Library available for Tiva C Series? Let it be a Modbus Slave or Master?
  4. Hi Neuron, I have been trying your code, what is meant be "bools"? Because there is an error when I try to build it. Regards, KEnt
  5. MSP430G2231(IN14) is 14-pin. =) Why not share your ideas here so that everyone can see it? =)
  6. I am using CCS v5.5 =). We select the output file, but I just cant find it. :3 I tried searching the solution online but doesn't have a clear answer. Actually, I was planning to use the output file to do some simulation in Proteus ISIS. Hope you can help. =)
  7. Hi, good day everyone, Can I ask a question? that is not quite related to the topics.. haha.. Where to locate the .elf file. I know that when we right click the workspace and select properties, we can select the output format to be legacy COFF or eabi(ELF). But I can't find the .elf file around. And I saw the author posting .elf file in his website, maybe I can ask around. =) Warm Regards, Kent
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