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  1. Hi guys, TI/Redhat has released the beta version of CC6 with Gcc 4.8 (as mentioned http://forum.43oh.com/topic/4500-msp430-elf-gcc-red-hat-version-available-in-ccs6-beta/ ) I was not aware if anybody has tried to compile those sources on the OSX platform.. So I tried and followed this path: 1) Download source files and header files from the TI webpage (msp430-130423-272-source.tar.bz2, GCC_RH_20131206) and remove packages that are not yet supported by the platform (GDB): tar xjf ../msp430-130423-272-source.tar.bz2 cd source/tools rm -r gdb tk tcl itcl sim libgui 3) configure cd ../.. mkdir bin; cd bin export PREFIX="/users/xxx/msp430/" ../sources/tools/configure --prefix=$PREFIX --target=msp430-elf --disable-werror the --disable-werror surpresses warnings from clang 4) make make make install 5) headers extract header files to your installation directory Note that I haven't checked if the produces binaries are ok. If anybody has worked out how to compile GDB with theses sources that would be great. So far I've figured out that the LDFLAGS must be set to -L/opt/X11/lib to overcome errors that X11 was not found.
  2. Hi, here is a small project that runs on the MSP4305529 launchpad: https://github.com/hoihu/WS2812 that supports the 800kHz WS2812 LED strips (e.g. http://www.adafruit.com/products/1138 and others) by using the DMA controller rather than a while loop. The idea is based on the SPI approach by RobG: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/3971-wearable-ws2812-strip-controllers/ + work is delegated to DMA, frees foreground application (easier to code color changes etc) - needs app. 8x more RAM, as the LED bits must be deflated in advance in memory The main loop shows a nice looking color fading effect: IMG_1090.MOV any comments/extensions are appreciated.
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