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  1. I am well aware Google is my friend, but can you recommend me some book or other source for learning MSP430 programming and development? *Ok, stupid of me... I have seen 43oh tutorials... Do you think this is enough? Also, many recommended to take an Arduino instead of MSP430. What are advantages and disadvantages of both? I guess MSP is quite a good learning platform.
  2. Hello! I come from Bosnia, but currently study computer science in Austria (at the moment learning German, but hey). I have some experience in programming (mostly in C++, C# and MS databases). On the other hand, this is my first time that I am exposed to this type of devices. I have absolutely no idea what I should do, except I want to have some good time and learn a lot... I am very interested in home automation and find MSP430 very suitable for me to progress in this direction. Hope to have awesome time on this forum and make some friendships. ;-)
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