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  1. Its software, i've analysed the out of the box demo shortly after release of the LP.
  2. Hi Rei, while developing an application i took a look at the schematics of the CC3200 LP and noticed that many Pins are not connected to the booster pins and therefore not usable without modifying the Launchpad, or are already in use by system components: P1.3 -> Switch3, Accelerometer INT (detachable from sensors by jumper) P1.9 -> Yellow LED, SCL (detachable from sensors by jumper) P1.10 -> Green LED, SDA (detachable from sensors by jumper) P3.3 -> FTDI_TX P3.5 + P3.6 are not connected by default P3.9 -> Red LED P4.1 - P4.8 are not connected by default P4.9 -> JTAG_
  3. Sidenote: when you want to paste text without formatting like font, size, etc., just press ctrl-shift-V
  4. This thread could be a good start: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/1312-nokia-5110-display/
  5. The cc3000 does not correctly implement mDNS out of the box. The correct implementation of mDNS works like this: - you type for example http://target.local in your browser - the mDNS service on your machine multicasts a query paket to the network asking which machine is named "target.local" - the target listens for mDNS queries on upd port 5353 - the target receives the query paket, checks the name and when the name in the query matches its own name it sends a reply paket publishing its IP (mDNS advertising paket) - the paket is received by your machine and resolves "target.local" to
  6. The wireshark capture looks fine to me, the cc3000 is multicasting the mDNS pakets correctly (as far as the cc3000 is correct). But one question: do you have a mDNS client installed on your pc? Windows normally doesnt have a mDNS client, without it target.local will always fail. You can either install iTunes (which includes a mDNS service called Bonjour) or only the Bonjour service, Apple offers a standalone Bonjour version for airprint. Bonjour standalone: http://support.apple.com/kb/DL999 iTunes: http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/
  7. Can you post a Wireshark screenshot of the mDNS packet, i like to see if its a broadcast or a multicast packet. I've posted an updated fw_patch.h in the 43oh forum: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/5216-updated-fw-patchh-for-cc3000-firmware-126/ I've tested it on the Tiva-C Launchpad, but it should work on the 5529 launchpad too. Very old firmwares of the cc3000 had problems with multicast pakets. The slow loading of config.html is normal since the webserver send for each client.print() a seperate paket. A normal tcp paket can be about 1500 bytes large, but beware, in cc3000_common.h t
  8. I replied to your post over at stelarisiti in the mDNS library thread. Another problem might be that your Router isnt forwarding multicast pakets between LAN and WiFi, my former router had that bug, is was an Easybox803 router, now with my new Fritzbox everything is fine. I don't know if the mDNSAvertiser bug returning bogus values is fixed in the last firmware, just ignore the returncode, i think the only moment it fails might be when all of the 4 ports the cc300 supports are in use or when it isnt connected to an access point. best regards, Thorvard
  9. The Example i included is for the Tiva-C Launchpad which uses different pins for the boosterpack than the LP5529, you have to change at line 51: // Set communication pins for CC3000 WiFi.setCSpin(PE_0); // 18: P2_2 @ F5529, PE_0 @ LM4F/TM4C WiFi.setENpin(PB_5); // 2: P6_5 @ F5529, PB_5 @ LM4F/TM4C WiFi.setIRQpin(PB_2); // 19: P2_0 @ F5529, PB_2 @ LM4F/TM4C to: // Set communication pins for CC3000 WiFi.setCSpin(P2_2); // 18: P2_2 @ F5529, PE_0 @ LM4F/TM4C WiFi.setENpin(P6_5); // 2: P6_5 @ F5529, PB_5 @ LM4F/TM4C WiFi.setIRQpin(P2_0); // 19: P2_0 @ F5529, PB_2 @ LM4F
  10. Good news everyone, its working again After running the 'getting_started_with_ap' example from the cc3200 SDK i was able to put the device into smartconfig mode and connected it to my router, i had to use the iOS App because the Java Webbrowser code that Ti supplied wasnt working. But the problem with flashing still existed, so after wasting another few hours i came to the conclusion to format the flash using the Uniflash Tool, despite the fact that the Uniflash manual does not recommend it. But hey, the Launchpad wasnt flashing correctly, i had nothing to lose After formatting it t
  11. No, i haven't formatted the flash yet, in the Uniflash Guide is a warning: http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/CC31xx_%26_CC32xx_UniFlash#Format
  12. Reinstalling didn't help, trying to flash looks like this. I have enabled extra debug informations. [20:54:08] Begin Program operation. [20:54:08] INFO: > Executing Operation: Connect [20:54:08] DEBUG: waiting and clearing uart rx buffer [20:54:10] INFO: setting break signal [20:54:10] INFO: --- please restart the device --- [20:54:10] DEBUG: wait for ack [20:54:16] INFO: connection succeeded [20:54:16] INFO: getting storage list [20:54:16] DEBUG: wait for ack [20:54:16] INFO: > Executing Operation: Init [20:54:16] INFO: reading version info [20:54:16] DEBUG: wait for ack [20:54:16] IN
  13. Hmm, same Version and OS here... lets reinstall this little bugger.
  14. Yes, i did, otherwise uniflash doesn't even detect the launchpad. I'll try later a different computer / OS, perhaps its a problem of the uniflash windows version or win7 64 bit.
  15. Well i got my CC3200 Launchpad today, it took me 15 minutes to brick it I wanted to change the wifi security from open to wpa-psk2 and entered a 6 digit passphrase, didnt knew that it has to be at least 8 digits. None of my wifi devices lets me enter a 6 digit passphrase, they all require 8 digits, otherwise the connect button is disabled. Seems like TI isnt checking the length of the passphrase in its out of the box demo. I tried flashing a new image with uniflash, but no luck, it always fails at some file with "ERROR: Open operation failed". Im quite frustated now.
  16. TI released a new WiFi Launchpad (CC3200) and WiFi Boosterpack (CC3100) today! Details: http://www.ti.com/ww/en/simplelink_embedded_wi-fi/home.html?DCMP=cc3100launch&HQS=ep-con-ecs-cc3100launch-lp-fb-en&hootPostID=41ba54fdfe0cf01ae756dc825a6eb27b Launchpad: http://www.ti.com/tool/cc3200-launchxl Boosterpack: http://www.ti.com/tool/cc3100boost Looks interesting!
  17. TI released a new WiFi Launchpad (CC3200) and WiFi Boosterpack (CC3100) today! Details: http://www.ti.com/ww/en/simplelink_embedded_wi-fi/home.html?DCMP=cc3100launch&HQS=ep-con-ecs-cc3100launch-lp-fb-en&hootPostID=41ba54fdfe0cf01ae756dc825a6eb27b Launchpad: http://www.ti.com/tool/cc3200-launchxl Boosterpack: http://www.ti.com/tool/cc3100boost Looks interesting!
  18. //The X value is stored in values[0] and values[1]. x = ((int16_t)values[1]<<8)|(int16_t)values[0]; //The Y value is stored in values[2] and values[3]. y = ((int16_t)values[3]<<8)|(int16_t)values[2]; //The Z value is stored in values[4] and values[5]. z = ((int16_t)values[5]<<8)|(int16_t)values[4]; I see a possible problem by converting char to int16_t, char is a signed type, therefore when you typecast it into int16_t it gets extended, for example: -1 is hexadecimal FF, typecasting to int16_t -> FFFF the problem is that values[0] is unsigned, and values
  19. You seem to have a different box than mine Can't get it to run for me. Got it from: https://github.com/adafruit/SD
  20. Sorry, can't post the sketch, im using the webduino webserver.h library which is using string.h and streaming.h, i suspect the problem is somewhere deep in there. Im also using fatfs, adafruits cc300_mdns, rtclib, WiFi and WiFiUDP libraries. The sketch worked well until i added the fatfs wrapper, had to use soft spi for the fatfs because somehow a second hardware spi crashes the cc3000. The extra memory the fatfs uses seem to make the webduino code unstable. i suspect the heap is hitting the stack and then the code crashes somewhere in webserver.h. I've read the CCS6 beta can import energia
  21. I have trouble debugging a suspected memory leak, is there method to read the head and stack pointer in Energia? regards, Thorvard
  22. Can you share your port of the Adafruit library with us? thanks, Nick
  23. Hardware: Tiva-C + CC3000 Boosterpack Software: Energia 0101E0011 Im trying to implement a telnet server with the CC3000. - The CC3000 connects correctly to the Wifi and responds to ping. - When i telnet to port 23 it connects but isnt reacting to commands. - I think the CC3000 crashes somehow, at least it isnt responding to ping anymore. - The sketch is still responding to commands over the serial console. Any ideas? Im clueless. Here is the sketch: // Enter here the name (=SSID) and password of your WiFi LAN #define WLAN_SSID "XXXXXXXX" // cannot be longer th
  24. I think when you go to sleep mode all outputs go tri-state, therefore there is no ground connected to the switches and when you push a button nothing happens. Try connecting an external pulldown resistor to the output-pins, 10k should work.
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