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    MSP2MSP got a reaction from bluehash in How to implement audio features for a toy   
    @@kkrambo You might want to look into an ISD4003 or something similar with less pins and require less external components, and many of the other chips in that category will be a bit cheaper also, though many will probably have lower sound quality which is probably fine. Just to get an idea of how it fits in, the ISD4003 can record and play 4 minutes of audio and takes care of most of the work, here is an example of it being used as a voice shield for an arduino including some of its benefits, the parts a kit comes with, how to program it and load audio samples, and a link to a coinbot that uses it to play random sounds. These types of chips more or less do all of the work for you which might also take all of the fun out of it. Many of those types of chips come in dip packages so it should be easy to prototype and breadboard. If you use the shield as a guide, you'll have to change the relevant stuff to work with your stellaris such as verifying the voltages, pins, and changing the sketch to work with Energia if you want.
    I haven't done direct sampling of audio myself, but if you do want to skip using a dedicated IC and instead use the adc and a mic, you might want to consider storing those samples to a SD card, just make sure the sd library works well for the throughput.
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    MSP2MSP reacted to bluehash in Welcome Gabotronics! Support The Scope Watch.   
    We are happy to welcome Gabotronics to 43oh. They have been actively supporting our community giveaways for a few years now with
    their xprotolab portable oscilloscope.

    Gabotronics is coming out with a new product - a wearable scope on your wrist. They are currently looking for support via their kick starter page.
    Here is wishing them luck. Thanks for supporting us.
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    MSP2MSP got a reaction from bluehash in Bluetooth Module for Tiva C Series Launchpad (TM4C123G)   
    The http://www.ti.com/product/cc2564 (also look at the cc2567 and other in the series) have an evaluation board and has the propietary one licensed from Stonestreet One and also has open source one here: http://code.google.com/p/btstack/source/browse/#svn%2Ftrunk%2Fchipset-cc256x which has been ported to the msp430 but has a guide on how to port to other chipsets, also it has licensing options for certain chips if needed, here is an excerpt from the homepage
    "On embedded systems, a minimal run loop implementation allows to use BTstack without a Real Time OS (RTOS). If a RTOS is already used, BTstack can be integrated and run as a single thread. The source repository provides ports for different MSP430 development boards. Other platforms can be targeted by providing the necessary UART, CPU, and CLOCK implementations."
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