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  1. Thanks guys & sorry for the late feedback!


    not to mention, how old is your energia install?  There are a lot more boards supported now.  Energia 10 can be downloaded from http://energia.nu/download/


    Technically speaking, other (or really almost ALL) msp430 chips are supported by the underlying C & C++ compiler and debug/programmer tool (mspdebug), but Energia's wiring core would need specific support for the chip since Energia provides more than just an IDE--it provides a simple hardware-abstraction-layer type of framework to support the chip's hardware.


    Which chip(s) do you have in mind?

    Well I can't remember now since I kept them in my boxes. All I could say is that I had determined that most're programmable using the SBW interface. I had this Microchip-ish dogma: the chip has to be identified first via the program. I suppose it's not important for Energia- hook it up to the Launchpad and whatever the target, the program will load anyway, is it?


    There is also a limitation in the parts that the Launchpad can support.

    If you want to use more of them, you can try out CCSv6 Beta, which can directly import your Energia code.

    I do have CCS, but that's the thing, I'd like to avoid even clicking on my CCS icon. It takes a lot of processing from my tiny netbook.


    @@Vizier87, other parts can be supported but as above answers mention, you will need to port/create a board file entry for them. If you are asking about just programming other devices with code that was done outside the Energia framework then yes. You can use mspdebug that is included in Energia to program the device using the programmer that is on the launchpad. The command would be mspdebug rf2500 --force-reset prog <your hex file>.hex. mspdebug is located in the directory: hardware/tools/msp430/mspdebug

    Thanks for the info. I'll look into this and give you guys the update when I manage my own surface-mounted MSP430 main board!


    Cheers everyone.


  2. Hi guys,


    I have a collection of MSP430 samples I amassed within two years and most of them have the Spy-Bi-Wire interface for debugging. The fact that when I choose my board and the target device is limited to a few as shown via the Energia window such as below:





    Does it mean I cannot program other msp430s other than the ones listed above?


    Thanks guys.



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