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  1. Thanks guys & sorry for the late feedback! Well I can't remember now since I kept them in my boxes. All I could say is that I had determined that most're programmable using the SBW interface. I had this Microchip-ish dogma: the chip has to be identified first via the program. I suppose it's not important for Energia- hook it up to the Launchpad and whatever the target, the program will load anyway, is it? I do have CCS, but that's the thing, I'd like to avoid even clicking on my CCS icon. It takes a lot of processing from my tiny netbook. Thanks for the info. I'll look in
  2. Hi guys, I have a collection of MSP430 samples I amassed within two years and most of them have the Spy-Bi-Wire interface for debugging. The fact that when I choose my board and the target device is limited to a few as shown via the Energia window such as below: Does it mean I cannot program other msp430s other than the ones listed above? Thanks guys. Vizier87.
  3. Hi guys! I've got my Launchpad good and going and waiting for the giveaway!
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