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  1. 4yang

    Volt/Amp/Watt meter

    may I know how do u guys connect the V+ and V- of this project to the load? the shunt im using is 0.05ohms...
  2. 4yang

    [Energia Library] I

    alright, did you used one one with input filtering? Then what you have used to test the circuit? like connect between power supply and a load?
  3. 4yang

    [Energia Library] I

    hey.... do u have a schematic diagram for this circuit u build?
  4. 4yang

    Volt/Amp/Watt meter

    @@oPossum.... i tried to build the circuit as it is shown in the vam_meter_schematic picture file. but the LCD do not show anything. may i know if the capacitor u used in this is a ceramic ones or electrolytic capacitor? The back light is working but it did not display the power up logo---> msp430 and INA219
  5. 4yang

    [Energia Library] I

    wow thx man.....
  6. 4yang

    [Energia Library] I

    One more important question is...... soldering the INA219 will not damage the chip? I'm new to SMD soldering.
  7. 4yang

    [Energia Library] I

    hmmm..... i see. Is it possible to use a CT current sensor for this circuit? Or a Halls effect current sensor?
  8. 4yang

    [Energia Library] I

    may i know where did you buy the INA219 shown in the pictures? the one soldered on a PCB with 8 pins
  9. 4yang

    Volt/Amp/Watt meter

    Just wonder if i could use the same codes in Energia software?