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  1. may I know how do u guys connect the V+ and V- of this project to the load? the shunt im using is 0.05ohms...
  2. alright, did you used one one with input filtering? Then what you have used to test the circuit? like connect between power supply and a load?
  3. hey.... do u have a schematic diagram for this circuit u build?
  4. @@oPossum.... i tried to build the circuit as it is shown in the vam_meter_schematic picture file. but the LCD do not show anything. may i know if the capacitor u used in this is a ceramic ones or electrolytic capacitor? The back light is working but it did not display the power up logo---> msp430 and INA219
  5. One more important question is...... soldering the INA219 will not damage the chip? I'm new to SMD soldering.
  6. hmmm..... i see. Is it possible to use a CT current sensor for this circuit? Or a Halls effect current sensor?
  7. may i know where did you buy the INA219 shown in the pictures? the one soldered on a PCB with 8 pins
  8. Just wonder if i could use the same codes in Energia software?
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