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  1. Hello, Have you tried sending just a plain string and making sure communications between the board and LCD are good before incorporating the ADC? You might also try looking at the pins with an oscilloscope to make sure that the data is getting to the display. I found I had to increase the delay cycles for my particular display. I also made sure to "clear" the pins in InitializeLCM first - I was picking up phantom voltages or something. void InitializeLcm(void) { P1DIR = 0xFF; P1OUT = 0x00; P2DIR = 0xFF; P2OUT = 0x00; P3DIR = 0xFF; P3OUT = 0x00; ... } Just some thought
  2. Hello, I'm very new to uCs, so please bear with me and my inevitable incorrect use of terminology (corrections appreciated!). I've been doing a lot of reading, and wrote a little program to TX/RX characters from PuTTY over UART. I think maybe I have some inappropriate UART settings, because the very first TX always prints garbage, even on reset. Would someone mind please taking a look for me? I'll just post the UART setup routine, and the print routine unless posting the whole code would be more useful. I've also attached a PuTTY screenshot as an example of the "garbage" I mean, a
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