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  1. Speed now is very slow when compared to typing. But can be improved in future. Currently only fingerspelling is supported. But same can be extended to word-signs as well. When word-signs are introduced, I strongly believe the speed will be better than typing. Currently I don't have any video. Get back to me if there are any more queries...
  2. @@bluehash Yes! Accelerometer values of each finger will be normalized/equalized (to avoid fluctuation) and then consolidated to some number which will then correspond to a Letter (ASCII value of the letter). Those consolidated number and ASCII value of the letter are stored in a look-up table. Have a look at the code. I think it will be self-explanatory. Get me back for any further clarifications!
  3. It all started with an aim of improving communication between speech & hearing impaired and normal people. But it has now almost become an alternative input device for any computing device! So what is it all about? It's a cyber glove that recognizes sign language gestures and convert them into ASCII. Voila! We can throw away our keyboards and start using this glove. Right? After all, our keyboard does the same thing. Don't try too hard to visualize this peculiar device! This is how it will be!! And Technically it will be something like this And more technically the flow o
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