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    Abhi got a reaction from bluehash in Can not install MSP430 Application UART Driver   
    I had the same problem,the "MSP430 Application UART1" was not getting installed even with the correct drivers available.
    Later on some internet forum(which i don't remember),i read to uninstall SAMSUNG mobile drivers and as i was also having my samsung android drivers installed which was also using the usbser.sys driver
    Later i uninstalled the SAMSUNG mobile drivers and magic,the "MSP430 Application UART1" driver got automatically correctly installed on restart.
    That was the solution to my problem.
    Hope you can try this if you can compensate with SAMSUNG like driver problems!! 
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    Abhi reacted to bluehash in New MSP430F5529 USB Launchpad Released   
    Crosslink: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/2763-can-not-install-msp430-application-uart-driver/
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