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  1. Thanks to all energia team for the awesome support, Keep up the good community and work !!
  2. I had the same problem,the "MSP430 Application UART1" was not getting installed even with the correct drivers available. Later on some internet forum(which i don't remember),i read to uninstall SAMSUNG mobile drivers and as i was also having my samsung android drivers installed which was also using the usbser.sys driver Later i uninstalled the SAMSUNG mobile drivers and magic,the "MSP430 Application UART1" driver got automatically correctly installed on restart. That was the solution to my problem. Hope you can try this if you can compensate with SAMSUNG like driver problems!!
  3. I do faced the same problem today with my MSP430F5529 board. Tried all CDC drivers even listed on the board wiki page and tried all usb ports on my computer. No solution!!
  4. Hi guys, i just got my MSP430F5529 launchpad today. I installed the latest CCS studio v5.5 and when i plugged the board,it looked up for the drivers and the MSP debug interface drivers got installed successfully but not for the application UART. I even tried every single CDC driver from their latest MSP debug wiki page but the problem is not resolved. Do anybody know he solution for this and help me how to use this board with ENERGIA. Thanks.
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