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  1. @@energia thanks for yout answare. I've tried the changes you suggested, but did not change nothing. As you can see here. https://goo.gl/photos/6uMfp6n7m1sb1W6g6 I've no 32KHz quartz and Energia 17.
  2. I've a similar issue. I need to reduce the bootstrap time, I've measured with a logic analyzer the time between power up and the output of the tone() function output and I have appox 2.5 seconds. Now, I've followed the instruction about comment out some of the code in the wiring.c file but did not work still 2.5 seconds. Any suggestions? I'm using Energia 17 and running.
  3. Very nice job! But it would be nice also have it as Energia library.
  4. Super interesting i wanted to upgrade my project with a better ethernet chip, i will try to move from a w5200 to w5500! Ordered! Great job!
  5. I'll love to see that, our project (aside project) is running on a "custom" protocol but we would like to switch to DASH7 as soon as possible. I see that our small team is struggling with finding good docs and resources for implement dash 7 on the CC430 is not really straight forward ... anyway ... Which micro do you use for HayTag? That looks very very interesting keep us updated.
  6. Cool so having a chrono watch i can evantually use it with Energia with the spy-bi-wire interface (which i believe is the one used on stellaris boards). Of course i'm being nice about the DASH7 we are using the wizzimote for our project, i should say that we did not get enough luck :/ . But DASH7 is very promising would be nice to have more resources about DASH7 CC430.
  7. I know that the programmer works. I use it already, no problem with that. I would like to know if Energia will support JTAG programmers like the Tiny V2 , and about RF i'm very interested in those, about specific PanStamp RF why not... even if i'm more on the DASH7 side... What about the usb programmer that cames with the ezwatch would be that ok ... i'm not familiar with the TI Stellaris boards so bare with me if the questions are stupid.
  8. Yes I've read that, and that's cool. Seems the fork on github is not moving much... but lets see. I really believe the CC430 users will benefit from Energia and viceversa.
  9. Hi everybody, I find the Energia very very cool project, and i'm very new user of it, so bare with me if the questions sound stupid. I would like to know if anyone of you has some experience with Energia using MSP430-JTAG-TINY-V2 for program a CC430F513. If not which will be the most "compatible way for Energia" to communicate with the CC430. I do have also a ez430 usb programmer the i've got with the ez-chronos watch, would be that a better option? Which one whould you suggest? Thank you in advance
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