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  1. Great thanks! I modify the uart.py a little bit to fix the CRC bug as you said and it works! Thanks a lot also attached the modified version of bsl5.py uart.zip
  2. After quite a while, here is the voltage curve during ~92days And still keep going, I guess it still cannot get to 180 days because the minimum supply voltage of HDC1080 is 2.7. but the my other card is using HTU21D, which can operate until 2v. While still testing the battery life, I'm designing the second version, and encounter some problem with BSL. After seen the GoodFET42 design, I also want to put a USB to UART, so I can upload the firmware with USB. I tried using python-msp430-tools (bsl5), and connect DTR to RST, RTS to TEST, and checked the BSL sequence and the response using
  3. After removing LCD from my second board, I got 4uA idle current, which is pretty close to the datasheet. So the problem is the LCD, which draws about 12.5uA, three times than other component I have turned on Low power LCD mode, so I guess this is the limit . I still cannot figure out the strange curve though, I've measure my previous sensor node (Atmega328 + HDC1000 + BMP085) there is no strange curve like that. Interesting though, my previous sensor node has a lot more idle current(27uA vs 16.5uA), also maximum power(16mA vs 10mA) but because it doesn't need to wakeup every
  4. I get it from some LCD manufacture at their retail store on taobao Takes quite some time to find https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z09. @@chicken that might be the problem, I've measured current consumption every time I put new part on, MSP430FR4133 (@LPM3) 1.1uA => SHT21 2uA => BMP180 2.3uA => OPT3002 2.3uA So maybe I'll measure nRF alone to see if it is the problem, also note that I've seen a strange current curve after transmit seems to charging some thing, but not sure what happen there. that also damage t
  5. Hi everyone, this is my credit card size wireless sensor node, with a 7-seg LCD display showing temperature & humidity, update every second. using MSP430FR4133 with HDC1080,BMP180 and OPT3002, transmit by nRF24l01, which sends out temp,humid,pressure,luminosity and also battery voltage per minute. It is all power by a CR2032, and thanks to MSP430FR4133, I can manage to have half an year battery life. also thanks to MSP430RF4133 Launchpad with build-in energyTrace, I can estimate battery life with a click(no more oscilloscope ) note that I've actually put an RF430 on th
  6. @@bluehash I took with NEX-5N +18-55 kit set
  7. @@bluehash Sure by the way , I love this pic also. http://i.imgur.com/bHJlYlj.jpg
  8. http://imgur.com/JOR8cQW,ZY4GF5E Thanks for everyone's help. I've just finish it before finals week.
  9. Maybe the power source (PC) was overload so windows can't recognize I did seen the red line when using iPad's charger........ Great thanks :grin: ,now I need a new board plus a tube and figure how to fix this one
  10. the display is as the picture shows that didn't display the number right, and I'v check the connection between the tube and IC I think the msp430 isn't damage because I still can upload the code oh I notice another thing , when I unplug the USB ,every digit will shine.... I'm not sure if the tube were damage or the power But anyway ....I still need a new board beacuse I broke part of it
  11. Well.... The copper wire is to connect the IC ( I broke the PCB when replace the MAX6921),and I check the wire not shorted Also the situation is the same before replacement Thanks for reply
  12. I need some help.... I can't get the number right,and also when i plug in to my computer , it shows that "can't recognize usb device"
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