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  1. TI forum sux... 43oh is the only real msp430 community
  2. Sorry for the noob ask. I have a 5V/1,2A power supply to replace and old 5V/500ma. I
  3. Thanks Runner, what kind of diode ? 1n4148 ? 1n4007 ? I will google the tips. Have a nice day.
  4. Thanks again mr. Runner. But now i
  5. Another noob question: Whats the min output voltage to pin be as "high" or "1" ? thanks again.
  6. Thanks again for your help. But do You know any doc where I can learn how the jumpers work ? thanks.
  7. Another noob question: People is there a way to power the launchpad (msp430 rev1.5) with a external power and connect to usb only to send uart data ? thanks again.
  8. Love you guys, thanks for all replies ! :thumbup:
  9. Hi all, I just started with msp430. I am very noob !!! First question: How do I set the Status Register bits in C? slau144j.pdf assembly example, setting CPUOFF and GIE bit: ; Enter LPM0 Example BIS #GIE+CPUOFF,SR ; Enter LPM0 ; Exit LPM0 Interrupt Service Routine BIC #CPUOFF,0(SP) ; Exit LPM0 on RETI RETI But if I need set just the GIE bit, how do I do that ? I dont want to use functions like __enable_interrupts(), I
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