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  1. I'm learning to read schematics. I noticed that the original Launchpad's target-socket schematic (slau318d, page20) doesn't show the ground pin running to the ground symbol like other grounded lines. Is that implied? If so, why is the VCC pin explicitly running to VCC? Thanks!
  2. JVimes

    43oh vs E2E

    Oh ya, I meant the msp430 section of E2E. I should have specified. Sounds like my current approach is sound. I'll ask things first here unless I have questions requiring the crowd at E2E. That'll probably happen more once I gain proficiency.
  3. JVimes

    43oh vs E2E

    Quick newbie question: Is there a difference in what I should post to E2E vs the 43oh forums? They seem to fill the same niche. I got the vague impression E2E was for more serious engineers, so I've been posting my newbie question here, but I really have no idea. Thanks!
  4. Hi all, Another newbie question: What's the differences in the roles played by a Flash Emulation Tool and the emulation done in the Embedded Emulation Module in my MSP430? It sounds like they both support debugging. Do they work together? Thanks! -JVimes
  5. I, too, would like to know the answers to @@vladn's questions. Just trying it out, I'm pretty sure my chip gets programmed each time I run/debug. But I always wondered how much work the emulator does. I'm guessing it's job is in line with the FET (Flash Emulation Tool) description in @@cde's post, above(?). I think I read the emulator allows debugging without running extra debugging code through the chip itself (I'm assuming it's still processing normal code on the chip), to get true behavior -- but I could be making that up. Thanks everyone! These answers really help me organize my thoughts a
  6. Hi all, I did a school/hobby project about 12 years ago with a PIC chip and it was a blast. I recently got a MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPad kit to try to get back into things. I'm curious about some of the terminology. I'm unclear about the differences between: Debugger Programmer FET "Breakout board" Anything else that refers to these little PCB kits with a micro-controller in them. Also: Evaluation kit Experimenter board Starter kit (guessing those are all about the same?) I notice that the chip on the new MSP430F5529 is not removable. That seems really lame. I guess that means you cann
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