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  1. Here's some code for driving an WS2812B Led over SPI. In the code only 1 led is driven, but it can be extended to as much as you want. it's an Energia INO-file. Greetings, Roche random_ws2812.zip
  2. That's true, but if you don't know how to set the baudrate at 9600, 7, E , 1 and how to invert the signal from the meter to the Launchpad. In the zip-file it's explaind. Not everone is a rocket scientist from the scientology clan....
  3. I have been busy to LOG my E-meter from Kamstrup to a Stellaris Launchpad. In the enclosed zip-file is a picture how to connect the Stellaris to the Kamstrup E-meter and a little example how to read it out. Maybe you folks can use this. Roche Kamstrupp_uitlezen.zip
  4. @ RAKSH: Change line 6 in: Enrf24 radio(PE_1, PE_2, PE_3); // PE_1 = CE, PE_2 = CSN, PE_3 = IRQ The Stellaris doesn't know pin P1_0 .... Roche Added my RXdemo for you... FOR THE STELLARIS LAUNCHPAD LM4F120H5Q Enrf24_RXdemo.ino
  5. Desmond thanks, See my EDIT where i solved the problem....
  6. On the latest release of Energia E0010 there is a problem with the SPI-library. Try'd to verify the examples coming with energia and getting numerous errors on the SPI.h file like unit8_t has not been declared. also SPI.transfer isn't in the class description. Greetings Roche using a Stellaris Launchpad LM4F120H5QR (EDIT) I had nested the library-files to far in documents\energia\libraries therefore things where not moving. after copying spi.h and spi.cpp in the lcd_screen-library things where moving..... So i solved my problem in 3 days.... then i had to find o
  7. Thanks in advance, i will try this and report back at 43oh...
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