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  1. hey trying to be helpful dont be a <what ever you want to use that's insulting> about it.
  2. maybe you already used it or you already applied it to your order
  3. i got it too! i got that error too, but IE didnt have except for one and then i just refreshed the page. the ti site was just really slow in general
  4. +1 oh and in the pic, you can see it says 240x320 on the red border
  5. http://forum.arm-hq.com/topic/24-tutorialstm32f0-discovery-keil-ide-setup/
  6. i figured it will be helpful in the future to know how to do this stuff, and not to use "libraries" of some sort. ill try that, thanks yes, i know, one will be on, one will be off when button is pressed, and the opposite if not pressed.
  7. im finally starting to get into the programming of my STM32f0Discovery board and i cant quite get my button to work. code: #include "stm32f0xx.h" int main(void); int main(void){ int i; // Enable clock for GPIOC RCC->AHBENR |= (1 << 19); GPIOC->MODER |= (1 << 16);//Set pin C8 as output GPIOC->OTYPER &= ~(1 << 8);//Set pin 8 output as internal push-pull GPIOC->MODER |= (1 << 18);//Set pin C9 as output GPIOC->OTYPER &= ~(1 << 9);//Set pin 9 output as internal push-pull // enable user PA0 button RCC->AHBENR |= (1 << 17); /*
  8. it's not my website, but i can find the right links for it and post them here. do you mean this topic or the "Compilers and IDE" subforum? i think this subforum is good where it's at.
  9. At first i tried to get Eclipse to work for my discovery board, but i couldn't figure it out, so, instead i tried the Keil IDE and have had very few issues since. Here's a quick tutorial: http://dduino.blogsp...very-board.html
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