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  1. hey thank you for the help on the previous one... i am living in INDIA and i kinda have small problem in ordering the launchpad .. i think we are unable to get MSP430g2231 precisely which is required for the project... will you be able to provide us with some suggestions or the links to order the similar one...? if not possible, then will you be able to suggest alternative launch pad(s) (i mean any other series under MSP430...) also please confirm whether it is a 14 pin or 16pin... because the official site of TI provides info on MSP430g2x31/MSP430g2x21(which is 14 pin) and MSP430g2231-EP..
  2. hi actually after doing what you have mentioned in the above post it, while compiling it still points out that there are 'No library found for gifAnimation' What does this indicate ? what should i do to rectify it ...!! Thank you..
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