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  1. Actually I am a little confused. In Petite Fats Module, is it possible to write analog sensor values that has been measured by G2553 to sd card? I think it is possible with Fats Module. But G2553 does not have enough Flash Memory to run Fats Module, i think. Am I wrong?
  2. Jaspreet thanks for it. I can use your GUI to get heat sensor data without writing any codes So only thing that I need is writing this sensor data to SD cart and logging that data to a PC. So I need to learn about this things from basic. Where do I need to start learning?
  3. I think he means make the USB not to work as a power supply, just use it for data sending to PC. Is it possible?
  4. Hello. Except my "hello message" it's my first topic in here. For my embedded systems lesson project(I'm a fresh guy at embedded systems and not even worked with any PIC, ARM, MSP, DSP etc.), my lecturer give me project about data loggers. With MSP430 Launchpad(MSP430G2553) -Measuring heat with a heat sensor, periodically -Write that heat data to an SD card -Write that data to a PC via MSP430 Launchpad's USB cable ( He said you can do it with a C# or Java program, you don't have to write a code, there are lots of written programs for it ) - Because of using Launcpad's USB as a communic
  5. TF2 = Team Fortress 2 mate Thanks. Okay mate I will check it. What do you think about MSP 430 Launchpad(G2553)? Is really easy to learn for beginners?
  6. Yeah I'm planning to check 43oh's projects section. And yeah for other question I am fan of TF2 but not current TF2 because they killed the game and spirit of TF2. Oldschool TF2 without new weapons was the best. Everytime, I miss those days. I'm Steam member and playing TF2 since 10 November 2007 but it's not the same game anymore so I quitted playing it.
  7. Hello 430h family. I'm from ?stanbul/Turkey. I've just graduated from Electrical and Electronics Engineering at June and now I am a M. Sc student at Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering. At my bachelors degree, I've never interested in microprocessors or anything like that, I've just got a microprocessors lesson at bachelors but that's all, no application, no projects etc. But at my M. Sc class, I've got " Embedded Systems " lesson to learn that kinda things. And our lecturer said if you don't make an embedded systems project you SHALL NOT PASS So I think, for noobs like me, MSP430
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