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  1. I would be happy to pre-order when ready. Also hope there is a user manual and examples that come with it.
  2. So many things, so little time. Thanks for the excellent support. smd61
  3. I thank you guys for your excellent advice. I will have to go with the crystal. TI couldn't give me any numbers on power consumption when running at 32K, but that is probably very doable. Right now I am just building test pieces and measuring current (which is interesting). I'll post the numbers I get for current consumption. One last question, look like I will have to reboot and switch to CCS, any comments on that switch? At least it has good debug capability which I well need a lot of. Thanks again SMD61
  4. PS volatile did the trick. Not sure why making k global did not do the same thing? Thanks again.
  5. Thanks for the help. I am new to all this and working out what I thought was a simple problem. About 20 years ago I did some PIC work, but the msp430 is a whole new ball game. My fundamental problem is that I wanted to use TimerA interrupts to set up my system timing. I found out that it did not play nice with WDT. So I shut down WDT but I still need another way to create delays. I think that this is not a problem in CCS. They do not seem to require volatile in their examples. I am between continuing in Energia or jumping to CCS.. My goal is to provide a fairly accurate time (+- 30 mi
  6. I want to make a delay using for loop. The following two attempts did not work. I use Serial.print on small loop and they are increment correctly. When installed in my program they just don't work. The on period is very short and cannot be adjusted. Full program follows. Thank you for your time. smd61 smd61@sdavidson.net // this does not work. for (int i = 0; i < 1000; i++) { int l = 1000/i; //make work for( int j = 0; j < 1000; j++) { int k = 1000/j; // make work } } // this did not work
  7. I can give that a try, but not sure I would trust it. If that worked I would have a real hardware port and a virtual com port tied together at the same time. I could also try disabling COM1. Good ideas. Thanks, Steve
  8. Yes. Good download info. Still registers, just won't work. Only way I found around it is to launch my LabVIEW com program that makes it busy. Also found using my LabVIEW program (or any Com program such as Hyperterm) can be used in place of the Energia com window. That makes it nice for doing data manipulation. I wonder if you could pipe it straight to a file, I'll try it some day.
  9. COMMUNICATION PROBLEM FIXED: Thank you everyone for your help. I got it working reliability and here is my analysis. There are five things that effect communication, Energia, Energia setup, PC USB/UART, MSP430 UART, and MAP430 configuration. On my system I found that if any of them are not correct it appears to lock up the communication hardware (UARTs). Depending who is locked up you need to clear all of them, i.e. unplug the MSP430 and reboot the computer. Energia does not appear to do any kind of resets on the communication lines, so once out of sync it stays out of sync. Make
  10. Last post. Losing mind. Just for giggles I tried placing jumpers vertical and selecting 2452 chip, ran great. Program size 1556 Then went back to horizontal jumpers and selected the 2553 chip set RAN GREAT. Program size 2268 I don't know if I was goofing up or the setup just needed to be switch around a couple times. And why is software smaller than hardware setup. If you are memory tight you might consider using software communication???? Thanks for everyone's help. Steve
  11. Another question. Why would a simple "hello world" program take 2,044 bytes when using hardware UART. I think the compiler is trying to use software communication for a hardware setup. Any ideas? Thanks again Steve
  12. Hope this works. New to using forms. The jumpers are all horizontal. One time I got it to transmit some garbage, now nothing. Used two separate V1.5 boards. Device manager does not show any errors. Tried on both Windows 7 sp1 64 bit and Windows XPsp3 32 bit. About ready to throw in the towel and go to CCS. I just was going through the "Getting Started with the MSP430 Launchpad" book, now dead in the water. Anyone using CCS and having communication problems? Thanks for the support and any additional ideas. This seems like such a simple thing. Steve
  13. Driver loaded, program download ok, device manager ok. Any ideas?
  14. Reviewed this topic, loaded drivers, still cannot get communication with my Windows 7 Pro SP1. Any additional ideas? Thanks, smd61
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