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    I did an audit of GoodFET about 2 years ago, plus I read the app notes on how the JTAG/SWD works, and it seems that it is definitely possible to port it into a small size.  TI does not tend to ship tight code.  I would guess that a CC430-only version, or even MSP430F5-only version, could be implemented in less than 16KB.  Maybe even 8KB.  Soon I will do an audit of TI's code.  I will certainly post my results.
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    audiodane reacted to jazz in Small SBW FET circuit for custom PCB?   
    There is possibility to adapt (remove all in-line to decrease size) MSP430F5529 LP FET source code (http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/EZ-FET_lite) to MSP430F5510, and have fully functional SBW FET with 1 Mbps USB-UART bridge, one chip solution with almost zero parts.
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