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  1. Can you download and debug with BSL like you can with FET? I don't really know the difference between the two terms. I want debugging support.. I also need G2402 because it's already designed in. Depending on cost, I could go with a different chip, but I'm trying to remain inexpensive. How does communication between the two MSP430's work if the FET has to run at 3.6V but the target has to run at 3.3V? if the SWD wires are open collector and pulled up to 3.3V, is that sufficient for the 3.6V device? Are SWD pins are open drain or push-pull? ..dane
  2. +1 to the above. cheaper and more interesting (and more versatile) to have the usb-uart be an msp430 chip. This is the approach I would like to take, but know not how to get the usb-bridge and fet support into this second msp430 chip. That's what I'm looking for.. I specifically need to support a G2402 because it's already designed in.
  3. I think I understand the concept you're suggesting, but it's way beyond my skill set. I'm primarily a hardware and FPGA designer. I have software background (embedded, dos, linux, and windows) but it's not my primary skill.
  4. That is an entirely fair question. Simplest answer, too. I have a tiny custom PCB to do a very specific task. msp430g2402, a few leds, a few low-profile dip switches, and a 5-pin connector. Plus (currently) an ez430 connector. One specific feature that I would like to add is a debug/logging interface via serial-over-usb. I can add that pretty easily, but given that the ez430 operates over USB, my question then becomes, if I embed a chip to handle a USB based UART that can also act as a SWD interface over USB, then I can sell the device to do my intended task, or I can sell it without lo
  5. Hi all. Is there a proven, tiny, relatively simple circuit anywhere to embed SBW support into a tiny custom PCB? I would like to remove the need for the FET adapter and connector if possible for this custom application. I could rip off the schematics from TI's USB FET, but there are so many components in that solution and I'm trying to stay small, but also stay away from 0402 sized parts. I have most of the back-side of a 1/2" by 1" custom MSP430G2402-based design available. A bonus would be to double the interface as a serial-uart-over-USB bridge when SBW is not being used. SMT compon
  6. edit (since I can't seem to delete a thread) -- nevermind..
  7. I was wondering if there is any pre-existing code out there for CCS v5 and an msp430f2102-ish type device? I'd like to setup a tiny project that monitors an I2C bus and logs filtered transactions over UART.. Specific addresses or data values, for instance. The uart terminal program then could timestamp the log data, so I don't really need to worry about that part. It's not ultra-critical, the data would just be useful to decypher in a side project I'm working on.. so honestly I am hoping that something like this already exists that I can just load-and-run and log the data.. post-proces
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