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  1. I GOT IT WORKIIING!! Our adc code which my partner (we're doing the project in pairs) got had set pins 1.0, 1.1., 1.2 and 1.4 as a our ADC pins.. hence the 4 voltage levels 1, 2 ,3 and 4 in the expression window.. 1.2 is the UART transmit pin of the msp430 and i had that plugged into our datain of xbee The uart i suppose was getting confused coz its being given 2 tasks.. to send uart and to convert ADC. thats why it couldnt transmit anything to my wireless terminal i tried to disable all pins and only set the ADC pin to 1.4 here is the code below, not siure if its 100% but it wor
  2. Hi enigmatic, i have also just found out, that apparently, the reason my msp430 isnt sending anything to my xbee is because the function strlen does not exist in the library of the msp430g2553? Would u recommend that i try to write something from scratch to define strlen enigmatic?
  3. ok will try this too. cant believe i didnt think of that, genius. thank you!!
  4. Hi enigmatic! Weve tried fiddling with the rx and tx of both the xbee and the msp430 as well as trying someone elses usb's but to no success. We cant get the msp430 to send anything to the xbee. We tested the adc it works fine, and we tried isolating the 2 xbees again both with our xbees and my fellow classmates at uni and they work too. But when connected its the xbee transmitter is not receiving anything from the msp430, therefore unable to send anything to my other xbee/computer terminal. A classmate who's doing a similar project suggested, maybe we might need a timer? like a specific ra
  5. hi enigmatic, just an update, yeah im thinking its also the connection..Just trying to figure that out at the moment. I have: Vcc of msp430g2 connected to one end of the sensor and the xbee to power both of them Gnd of msp430g2 connected to one end of the sensor and the xbee 1.2 of msp430g2 connected to DataIn/Rx of Xbee 1.1 of msp430g2 connected to the other end of sensor to receive signal im thinking of maybe just doublechecking my xbees to see if their still synced to each other.
  6. woops just read ur reply will do that right now.. thank you!
  7. hmm maybe the problem is that my xbee doesnt even seem to be transmitting anything.. the leds on it arent lighting up.. can I ask which pins of the msp430 im meant to connect to the sensors and the Xbee module? Is it p1.2 to data in of the wireless router and p1.1 for the sensor? coz the msp430 is reading my adc values.. but im not getting anything from my terminal on the other computer
  8. hey @@cde enigmatic, ive ran the code using ccs and im getting these errors. my LED2 is also continuously blinking.. im assuming its the continuous polling thats happening with the while loop? Ive also noticed that at the expressions tab doesnt have voltage level 3 and 4 which you have included in your code. Any suggestions? thank you! p.s. still reading http://www.glitovsky.com/Tutorialv0_3.pdf and other material trying to understand your code
  9. THank you so much enigmatic! Working on that right now, trying to understand what you did.. ill get back to you as soon as i figure it out. cheers mate
  10. Well here's the thing enigmatic: My working ADC code is programmed in C... The msp430g2553 and XBee can both use UART. and yes I am able to receive data on the other end( at the computer) provided that I have the transmitter and receiver isolated from the project and enter something into the (yes you assumed right) terminal manually myself. BUT.. a) I just copied of the ADC code of the internet and I have no idea how it works.. well a very very rough idea.. and the thing that worries me the most Other than entering data manually (via the terminal) into the transmitter from one co
  11. Hi everyone! I stumbled on to this forum whilst searching for information about the msp430 micro controller, a component which i was tasked to use in building this project, the WASPS (wireless automatic slim pressure sensor) system. Basically the way it works is that Ive attached pressure sensors around a boxing head hear which is then attached to an msp430g2553 (no crystals) which is then connected via wires to an XBee 2mW PCB Antenna transmitter module. The Receiver, which is connected to the computer will print out text on the screen (terminal), i.e. '1 punch detected' everytime a signal
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