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  1. Only works fine if I disable both shesGotColors() and drawLogicLines() if one of those is on, I get the white screen. If I can help testing something, let me know ;-) Thanks a lot for your work!!!!!! That's the way it works. I use Energia, Did I Do something wrong? /* * main.c * * Created on: May 6, 2013 * Author: RobG */ #include "lm4f120h5qr.h" #include "msp.h" #include "lcd.h" #include "graphics.h" #include "color.h" #include "typedefs.h" u_char cc = 0; u_char sx = 0; u_char sy = 0; u_char d = 0; u_char o = 0; u_char orientation = 0; const u_char starty[13] = { 30, 4
  2. It works!!! But after some seconds running, first time in drawLogicLines(), I get a white screen.
  3. Is there any library to manage 2.2" ILI9340/ILI9342 based displays on stellaris? I don't mind if not everything is ported... Is only for investigate and learn...
  4. Hi, here is an electronics enthusiast from Spain. Trying to discover how those 430 works. I have used arduino and raspberry, so this was next step for me. Hi everyone!!!! Angel AKA Donzap
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