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  1. Hey All, I tired to write a code, just check it out and tell me whether it gives out a LED glowing MSP430 or no. I know i am bad coder but i am learning it. Code is attached below. Tell me what all i should add in it. Thanks And Regards Msp.txt
  2. Hey All, Hieeeee When i am debugging my code, it is giving a error called Multiple markers at this line - <a href="file:/D:/code%20composer%20studiov5/ccsv5/tools/compiler/dmed/HTML/MSP430/1527.html">#1527-D</a> (ULP 2.1) Detected SW delay loop using empty loop. Recommend using a timer module instead - #20 identifier "ADC10TL1" is undefined ON THIS LINE while(ADC10CTL1 & ADC10BUSY); Thanks in anticipation Nikki
  3. Hi All, I am very new to MSP430G2231,Can you please guide me how to manually connect the ds1307 to launchpad as i have nly 14 pins. And how i can generate a interrupt at 10'O clock and 2'O clock everyday reading a time from real time clock through code(embedded C). In between what all i should take in my coding part. Hoping to get guidance Thanks in anticipation Nikita.
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