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  1. Next, I would like to trigger the BSL mode externally, so that the ide can set the board into programming mode. My progress so far: -This block of code, when included in the sketch, is able to invoke BSL from software: ********** void invokeBSL(){ SFRIE1 &= ~OFIE; /* Disable oscillator fault enable interrupt */ //mySerial.end(); delay(500); SYSBSLC &= ~(SYSBSLPE | SYSBSLOFF); __disable_interrupt(); /* Ensure no application interrupts occur while in BSL */ /* * This sends execution to the BSL. When execution returns * to the user app, it will be v
  2. Made some progress with this, so I'm posting it in case anyone is interested. Here are the steps: -First, using the python tools is handy, but unconvenient, as it requires having python installed. I compiled them into an executable called msp430-tool.exe (via py2exe). If anyone is interested, let me know MODIFICATIONS IN Energia's (0101E0016) SOURCE: -I included this executable into /build/windows/msp430_tools_windows_05_2015.zip/msp430_tool , to make it available. -Modified app/src/processing/app/debug/MSP430uploader.java: added function ******************** public boolean
  3. I suspect the answer is negative, as I think the compiling process of energia depends on mspdebug, but is there a way to embed the command python -m msp430.bsl5.hid -e wathever.cpp.hex ? currently, this is the only (command line) method I have to upload compiled sketches via USB (I am using a custom msp430f5529 board). If not, is there a way to at least output the cpp.hex file into the sketch directory? Thanks
  4. I didn't find a particular post on the branch https://github.com/alfh/Energia/tree/feature_spi_choose_module by alf, but the issue is similar so I will make a few comments here. On first test it didn't work . I checked a simple spi transfer example with SPI.setModule(1), and MOSI and STE lines had sensible traces on the oscilloscope. CLK trace didn't (it was flat). after debugging the sketch with ccs6, I suspected port 4 was not being properly initialized, and decided to change usci_spi.cpp, line 101-105: if(module == 1) { /*pinMode_int(SCK1, SPISCK_SET_MODE1); pinMode_in
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