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  1. @@bluehash - feel free to use image @@cubeberg - Yes, that was 2 sessions of 3 hours each, I got done about 15 years ago. The other side has a lot more tattoos, but very different, trying to balance off the digital "side" with plants, animals, water, clouds and so on.
  2. Well done and congratulations, great to see other like minded people wanting a permanent expression of their passion for technology. Here is my PCB inspired tattoo, had this for a very long time now. Glenn.
  3. haha....I love to geek out with complex architectures to solve problems, and think your idea has merit...and of course anyone in the community is welcome to develop anything that works with LightServer. My initial concept was to develop something anyone can use, and to make the setup as simple as possible. I also wanted it to be stable and without any bits that can easily break. Anyone can use a mobile app.
  4. But....It does have a web app, which enables you to control from any device or computer with a browser. I even demonstrate it being used on a Kindle - https://vimeo.com/album/3015956/video/104788325 However features are limited, as there is only so much you can do with a web app, it is not possible to do music syncing, or control multiple lights or many other cool things. Also, only half the effects are available (lots of new mood lighting ones are only available in the app), it is not so easy to use, as you need to type in an IP address, which you need to find. The app makes it simple fo
  5. There is a video that focuses on the music syncing in more detail - https://vimeo.com/81621493 Note: This is an early video, so the apps are beta and the LightBus one has not been released yet. I am also using different lights (and controller in a few shots), but it works very much the same but with lots more effects. I decided the WS8212B LEDs would be a lot better as they are more affordable and many people have them. Also the Texas Instruments CC3100 provides a lot easier way to connect a device to a Wi-Fi Network, as Smart Config is integrated into the LightKit App. Thanks for you
  6. Hi Everyone, I have made available binaries and source code for an RGB lighting project called LightServer that I thought some of you would be interested in. The best way to see what you can do with LightServer is to view the videos on Vimeo here - https://vimeo.com/album/3015956 No coding experience required to set this up and use. Technical Details LightServer uses the Tiva C LaunchPad and the CC3100 Wi-Fi BoosterPack and a custom BoosterPack (Eagle files included
  7. I've just made available an example whose code could be used in various application that use REST APIs and OAuth authentication. It uses the HTTP Client Library that comes with the CC3200 SDK 1.1.0 and TI-RTOS for SimpleLink. All code is in C. It performs the following steps:- Obtains the current time from a SNTP server (this is required by TLS encyrption) Obtain the OAuth 2.0 Authentication token from the Telstra API using HTTP GET over a secure TLS connection Send an SMS message using the Telstra SMS API using HTTP POST over a secure TLS connection There are many more details on
  8. Thanks Guys, Yes, the CC3200 SensorTag will be cool...and relatively simple since their is already CC3200 support. Shame to hear about the issues slowing progress with the CC2650 SensorTag, particularly in Bluetooth Smart mode... Glenn
  9. I was wondering if the SensorTag (the current Bluetooth one) is going to have Energia support at any stage?
  10. Just letting the group know about a recent announcement by Microsoft for technology to work with Arduino, that look like it should work for Energia. Windows Remote Arduino - This uses the Firmata Sketch, so should be simple to use and set up with Energia using the Standard Firmata Library This allows you to use a relatively cheap Windows Phone to simply control a development board. Glenn.
  11. Hi John and Bluehash, Just to clarify, I did not write the driver, I just forked the code into my Github. So unfortunately, I do not know anything about it. Glenn (yes this is the same Glenn).
  12. I've been around ;-) It looks like I have been migrated from the old Stellarisiti forum. Great to see the whole family in the one place, about time! Glenn.
  13. MSP432 LaunchPad now available for purchase - https://store.ti.com/msp-exp432p401r.aspx Enjoy! Glenn.
  14. Just thought I would let you all know about a bunch of new ways you can work with Texas Instruments' CC3200 Single Chip Wi-Fi MCU. Development Boards http://redbearlab.com/ RedBearLab CC3200 - Arduino compatible headers WiFi Mini - Tiny form factor Arduino Compatible: These boards look great for those who develop and use the Arduino platform as the RedBearLab CC3200 supports most Arduino compatible shields. BLE Support: Hardware compatible with the RedBearLab BLE Shield, BLE Nano and BLE Mini board. Will include software libraries to control/interface. Prototyping with CC3200 LaunchPad
  15. Hi Everyone, I have put together an example iOS App that controls the CC3200 LaunchPad's LEDs using UDP packets. Features Control the CC3200 LaunchPad's Red or Orange LED by pressing ON or OFF within the App Press a button to open a browser which loads the CC3200 LaunchPad's internal web server configuration pages Press a button to open the Github repository Code Access The code is stored on my Github account here - https://github.com/remixed123 There are two repositories you will need:- startproject_ios - this is the repository with the Objective C code ready to work with Xcode and an
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