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  1. Actually, i am using old MMC with 64 mb.so, it does not have lock tab. I've also copied T_READ.txt and T_WRITE.txt before running the sketch. But oh!!! I see ,I created new blank T_WRITE.txt with one character in MMC but didn't copy the provided blank T_WRITE.txt in example folder with 2KB size. Above link enlists one of the restriction as "cannot expand file size". so is it due to this restriction that i am able to write only one character? Do we need to first define the size of file to be written?
  2. Hello, I am using example code of energia Pfatfs library named "PFatFsfileTest". This program reads "T_READ.txt" file from sd card properly. But It can't write string "Hello world" 10 times to the file "T_WRITE.txt" into sd card. Instead, it just writes only "H". I am posting the original code of file below: /*----------------------------------------------------------------------*/ /* Petit FatFs sample project for generic uC (C)ChaN, 2010 */ /*----------------------------------------------------------------------*/ /* ported to Energia */ /* copy the two files t_read.t
  3. UPDATE: i accidently wrote msp430g2274 instead of msp430f2274 in the title of thread.I tried to change title by editing it using full editor but i can't.It gives me some error that thread key is not matched and it signs out. Hey guys, I first changed boards.txt file under /hardware/msp430 by adding following code lpmsp430fr5739.name=msp430f2274 lpmsp430fr5739.upload.protocol=rf2500 lpmsp430fr5739.upload.maximum_size=32768 lpmsp430fr5739.build.mcu=msp430f2274 lpmsp430fr5739.build.f_cpu=16000000L lpmsp430fr5739.build.core=msp430 lpmsp430fr5739.build.variant=msp430f2274 and also added "pin
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