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  1. Hi, I've briefly checked code changes in twi.c and was sure that it would work. So, no wonder that I obtained signal on SCL: SDS00002.BMP But I need to say, that I didn't use any real slave sensor (because I didn't want disassamle that device where I put G2553) just used another arduino as a slave sender. It was possible to obtain data from slave, so I think everything is ok. StefanSch, thank you very much again. Fun fact I started with MSP430 3-4 years ago and wasn't able to run TWI. Found patch here on forum. And now I came back with same issue, and once again g
  2. StefanSch, thank you. If it is necessary just to replace existing file with attached above, I will test. I will inform you once I get any results.
  3. Thank you, I hope if someone find this topic, it will be a little bit easy to find solution.
  4. Thank you very much StefanSch I got UART working after this change. However setModule(0) didn't help. I still see no signal changes on I2C pin 14,15. I played around with it a little bit, but have found no solution. (BTW I2C on pins 9/10 works, but just because it uses twi_sw.c lib.) At this point I remembered that another project for which I used second MCU from this kit can be G2553.(I thought that launchpad had two same microcontrolles). I disassembled that project and after few changes of code released that I can swap microcontrollers. So, now I have MSP430G2553 which I believe is m
  5. Thank you for answers. Sorry, if I missed some information. I use launchpad version 1.5. I didn't provide schematic because nothing is used except launchpad board and mcu in it. Also as I mentioned in start post I use oscilloscope, so we can exclude issues with drivers on pc, jumpers or schematic. And MCU clocking works as expected. As for now, if I compile ASCIITable which is default example in the IDE (I can provide code here, if necessary) in old energia 0101E0009 I see transmission on UART pin. If I compile the same code in the newest version of IDE 1.8.7, there is n
  6. Hello, I'm trying to migrate my old project for MSP430G2452 from Energia 0101E0009 to the last version 1.8.7E21. However I got a lot issues. 1. Controller starts to slow - as I understood the issue is in the enableXtal() function which tries to find clock crystal, which I don't use. I just commented it out in init_clock() directly in core and it helped. 2. Actuall frequency of MCU was incorrect (It is much slower) - found answer on forum here https://forum.43oh.com/topic/13473-blink-example-too-slow/. And now it works as expected. 3. Now I'm trying to use Serial. But i
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