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  1. Hi, I've briefly checked code changes in twi.c and was sure that it would work. So, no wonder that I obtained signal on SCL: SDS00002.BMP But I need to say, that I didn't use any real slave sensor (because I didn't want disassamle that device where I put G2553) just used another arduino as a slave sender. It was possible to obtain data from slave, so I think everything is ok. StefanSch, thank you very much again. Fun fact I started with MSP430 3-4 years ago and wasn't able to run TWI. Found patch here on forum. And now I came back with same issue, and once again got an answer. Thank you all again.
  2. StefanSch, thank you. If it is necessary just to replace existing file with attached above, I will test. I will inform you once I get any results.
  3. Thank you, I hope if someone find this topic, it will be a little bit easy to find solution.
  4. Thank you very much StefanSch I got UART working after this change. However setModule(0) didn't help. I still see no signal changes on I2C pin 14,15. I played around with it a little bit, but have found no solution. (BTW I2C on pins 9/10 works, but just because it uses twi_sw.c lib.) At this point I remembered that another project for which I used second MCU from this kit can be G2553.(I thought that launchpad had two same microcontrolles). I disassembled that project and after few changes of code released that I can swap microcontrollers. So, now I have MSP430G2553 which I believe is more suitable for first project, because it has hardware UART. And setModule(0) works as expected for G2553. So, as a conlusion I can say i2c on pins 14, 15 doesn't work for MSP430G2452. I hope it will be resolved in future.
  5. Thank you for answers. Sorry, if I missed some information. I use launchpad version 1.5. I didn't provide schematic because nothing is used except launchpad board and mcu in it. Also as I mentioned in start post I use oscilloscope, so we can exclude issues with drivers on pc, jumpers or schematic. And MCU clocking works as expected. As for now, if I compile ASCIITable which is default example in the IDE (I can provide code here, if necessary) in old energia 0101E0009 I see transmission on UART pin. If I compile the same code in the newest version of IDE 1.8.7, there is no changes on pin at all. If I didn't miss something important, I think that problem somewhere in the changes of code of the core. But I totally unfamiliar with msp430 registers' settings. So, I at least need an advice where to start.
  6. Hello, I'm trying to migrate my old project for MSP430G2452 from Energia 0101E0009 to the last version 1.8.7E21. However I got a lot issues. 1. Controller starts to slow - as I understood the issue is in the enableXtal() function which tries to find clock crystal, which I don't use. I just commented it out in init_clock() directly in core and it helped. 2. Actuall frequency of MCU was incorrect (It is much slower) - found answer on forum here https://forum.43oh.com/topic/13473-blink-example-too-slow/. And now it works as expected. 3. Now I'm trying to use Serial. But it seems that it has some issue too. I'm using basic scetch from example - ASCIITable and connected my oscilloscope directly to UART ( P1.1, P1.2). But unfortunatelly there is no any movement on pins. I added some basic digitalwrite command to scetch and see that program is executed, but no UART output. Of cause the same code compilled in old version of Energia works fine. What I can try else? 4. Also I use separate PCB for my project, therefore I need i2c on pins 14,15 as it was in old revisions ( default i2c was moved in to pin 9,10 as I see). But I couldn't make it work too. I tried an advice from this comment https://github.com/energia/Energia/issues/486#issuecomment-200729667, but still see nothing on my oscilloscope. I tried to download simple scetch like master-reader from examples, controller works but there are no data on SCL or SDA. I belive there is some problem with configuration but without working serial, it is hard to debug i2c. Sorry, if it is already solved in some topic, but after a day of googling and experimenting I gave up.
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