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    430Enthusiast reacted to AntonOlsen in Energia slow to start with TI Launchpad connected, Ubuntu 12.04   
    I've run into this issue too with 12.04 and 13.04 using both OpenJDK 7 and Oracle Java 7. I couldn't convince the patch to compile for 13.04 (kernel 3.8), but will try on 12.04 tonight.
    I did discover a consistent work around though.
    Place the TX/RX jumpers horizontally for G2533 With the Launchpad uplugged, remove the TX jumper Plug in the launchpad Launch minicom (minicom -D /dev/ttyACM0 -b9600) Put the TX jumper back. If your program is sending data you should see it now. Now launch Energia. You will see an error about ttyACM0 being locked, but you will still be able to upload code. So far I haven't had any issues doing it this way. 
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    430Enthusiast reacted to L293D in Low power mode using WDT   
        I just wanted to say thank you.  I became so frustrated trying to figure out the LPM's on these devices that I went back to ATTiny chips.  I made a few of the things I wanted, and even got them down under 60 microamps during sleep...but...I REALLLY wanted to see that 1micro in LPM3.  I finally revisited your code from the post above...and like a ton of bricks..it hit me, and I finally got it.  I set about modifying it for a test and ended up with a working parking sensor (for my wife, for the garage)...it wakes up when the light comes on (using an LDR in a voltage divider to trigger an interrupt), uses an ultrasonic sensor and three LED's to let her know if she is not far enough in the garage...just right..or too far in the garage.  Then after 2 minutes, it goes into LPM3 again, waiting for the lights in the garage to come on again.
       Now I think I am finally ready to tackle the watchdog to wake me up from interrupt. 
       Thanks again man!
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    430Enthusiast reacted to Rickta59 in Energia framework on Eclipse?   
    You don't have to use CCS or TI's compiler to use Eclipse, you can just get the original version of Eclipse and import an existing external makefile project. Eclipse will use all the settings in the makefile and still allow you to use other eclipse facilities including debug.

    Note: the picture shows Eclipse Juno IDE using debugging to
    run the Energia ASCIITable.ino example. It is using the
    external makefile from github I mentioned in my previous post.
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