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  1. I've learned about yyrkoon's "how-to" from shluzzzoid. And installed the CB and mspgcc. Thank you guys! Being a newbee in MSP430 MCUs, I like the GRACE program which I installed as standalone tool. It helped me very much to configure MCU's periphery and obtain several init C-files. Now I want to use GRACE-generated files in my CODE::BLOCKS project. And to do it by "late linking": any time I decide to change smth in MCU periphery, I'd like to do it in GRACE, then refresh generated files and just remake the CODE::BLOCKS project. So GRACE project is used not once as a init code source, but is kept in the CB project forever and may be changed. Is it sensible at all? I've organised a common folder for GRACE and CB projects, included all GRACE-generated files in CB project and tried to compile. Compiler shows errors... Seemingly I have to arrange proper paths for header and lib files. And I cannot figure it out - what libraries do GRACE use? What path have I to add in CD compiler settings to use GRACE files? Note: the CD paths are as yyrkoon proposed - in HighTech folder.
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