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  1. I made a quick Video: https://youtu.be/1O_AuuIzTvw
  2. Hi, 1. No, that's not correct. During sleep(), the MSP430 receives Serial Data without any problems. Current consumption is at about 170
  3. Thank you for your answer. I connected P1_0 and P1_1, but it doesn't work as intended: int interval = 10; byte highbyte, lowbyte; void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); attachInterrupt(P1_0, receiveData, FALLING); } void loop() { if (parseData) parseSerial(); //Main code here: Measuring data sleepSeconds(interval); } void receiveData() { wakeup(); detachInterrupt(P1_0); parseData = true; } void parseSerial() { parseData = false; highbyte = Serial.read(); delay(50); lowbyte = Serial.read(); interval = highbyte * 256; interval = interval + lowbyt
  4. Hi, I wonder if it is possible to cause a interrupt when receiving serial data. This would have the big advantage to be able to wake up from sleep mode if new serial data is available. By now, serial data is written in the rx buffer even in sleep mode, but afaik it's not possible to notice that in Energia. I found lots of code for CCS for exactly this application, but i'm not able to port it for Energia. Does anybody already has some example code or may help me to make the CCS code working in Energia? Thanks!
  5. Hi reaper7, have you already had success with this library running on the Stellaris / Tiva C Launchpad? I have tried a lot, but there are always other error messages. I'll try it on, but if you have achieved successes I would be very grateful for any tips
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