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  1. hi, an update, I searched in driverlib\pin_map.h and changing the alias with the hex it works, why? I specified in the include options the file pinmap.h and the folder of stellarisware in the compiler options. owever after the build i have the following error: thanks again!
  2. hi, as the topic, I tried to configure comparator and SSI0 on lm4f120hq with pinmux utility, then I paste/copy in ccs and launch ctrl-B to build searching error...and i have the situation in the image attached. could someone help me, please? next, how can i command the SSI0 sending 16 bit when a button is pressed? thanks everyone
  3. searching in the internet i found the following site: http://codeandlife.com/2012/10/30/stellaris-launchpad-pwm-tutorial/ is better to use the timers as pwm modules due the absence of a dedicated pwm module??
  4. hi, i'm studying the pwm on a lm4f120hq, when I build the main.c i've the following error: #20 identifier "GPIO_PF1_M1PWM5" is undefined it is about the lines: //Configure PF1,PF2,PF3 Pins as PWM GPIOPinConfigure(GPIO_PF1_M1PWM5); GPIOPinConfigure(GPIO_PF2_M1PWM6); GPIOPinConfigure(GPIO_PF3_M1PWM7); how can I solve this problem? THANKS!!!
  5. ok, thanks! in the connections tab what must I select? blackhawk, stellaris in circuit debug interface or texas usb onboard emulator? thanks again! another question: is there a tutorial or a guide for interfacing an afe031 for a powerline application?
  6. hi, I've installed ccs 5 for msp430, now I want to try programming stellaris launchpad. following the workshop guide i've the following error with the projects added by the guide: This project was created for a device-variant that is not currently recognized: Cortex M.LM4F120H5QR. Please install the device-variant descriptor, or migrate the project to one of the supported device-variants by adjusting project properties. how can I fix it? must I add the stellaris processor/libraries to ccs? so how can I do it? Thanks and sorry for my english P.S. coul someone indicate a tutorial for p
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